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6 reasons to buy

  • The Airwalk Legacee High-Top is budget-friendly.  
  • There are multiple color options for the women’s variety.
  • Several users felt comfortable in the Airwalk Legacee High-Top.
  • Many buyers liked the shoe’s style, which is similar to the Converse Chuck Taylor.
  • A few felt that the high-top Airwalk Legacee provided a good fit.
  • A few users liked the shoe’s smooth and sleek material.

One purchaser got complimented for the shoe.  

4 reasons not to buy

  • A few purchasers said that the shoes began to rip after about a month.
  • One user said that the Airwalk Legacee High-Top’s shoelaces are too long.
  • A couple of buyers said that there was no arch support, so they added inserts.
  • A few wearers said that the shoe runs small.

Bottom line

Comfort and a simple style are what the high-top Airwalk Legacee offers as part of the brand’s casual collection. The design of the shoe features a classic silhouette and look, appropriate for any occasion. At their budget-friendly price, these casual sneakers don’t require breaking out much cash.

Many buyers liked the shoe’s style, especially as it looked like the high-top Chuck Taylor All Star shoe, but at a very budget-friendly price. However, the shoe’s material has been deemed to be not very durable.


Top: High
Inspired from: Casual
Collection: Airwalk Lifestyle Shoes
Price: $25
Colorways: Black
Small True to size Large
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A top 3% best sneaker
A top rated Airwalk sneaker
A popular pick

Women’s sizes from 5-13 and men’s sizes from 6-15 are available for the high-top Airwalk Legacee. The width of the women's variation is B or medium, while for men the shoe is in D or medium width as well. Excellent ankle support is provided by the shoe’s high-top style. The classic white lace-up system offers a secure fit, while the canvas upper offers good overall support for the foot.

A canvas upper, typical lace-up system, and a soft collar make up the classic look of the Airwalk Legacee High-Top. The style is still trendy today and can be paired with pants or shorts, along with skirts for women. A hip look can be achieved with a t-shirt or sweatshirt paired with pants when wearing the shoe. Overall, the shoe’s simple and functional design can go well with most anything.

There is no branding tag on the Airwalk Legacee high-top’s tongue or upper, emphasizing simplicity and subtlety. Instead, the Airwalk name is found on the heel tab. There is contrasting stitching along the shoelace eyelets, the collar, the back, and near the sole for a preppy and stylish look. Soft, unpadded canvas makes up the high-top collar.

Founded in 1986, Airwalk quickly established a firm reputation as a top skateboarding shoe brand. Throughout the ‘80s and the ‘90s, it became the go-to brand for skaters. In the skateboarding world, the top skaters partnered with the brand to create the best shoes for performance.

Soon after, Airwalk decided to explore other categories in the action sports community, producing snow cleats and other gear. The brand wanted to be relevant to all youth, no matter the hobby or interest. Airwalk also went into the casual footwear market, eventually leaving behind its skateboarding legacy.

A retro look is what makes the Airwalk Legacee High-Top shoe versatile, appropriate for everyday use for any activity. Its high-top style and classic lace-up look keep up with the trends of the fashion world. Like many in the Airwalk casual shoe catalog, the high-top Legacee is made to be budget-friendly for everyone. It’s sleek and functional, suitable for women and men everywhere.           

  • Padding is added to the insole for comfort.
  • The built-up outsole is non-marking.
  • Rubber is used for the cap toe to increase durability.
  • Canvas is used for the shoe’s lining. 


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