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7 reasons to buy

  • The Airwalk Legacee is a comfortable shoe according to most people who’ve tried them on.
  • Many users commended the accurate, true-to-size fit of the low-top footwear.
  • A significant number of people praised the low-top casual sneaker’s cool, old-school design. They also liked how well the shoe goes with most outfits.
  • Plenty of reviewers loved the Airwalk Legacee’s bright and vibrant colorways. Many of them mentioned liking the different colors and the shoe so much that they bought several pairs.
  • The affordable price of the lifestyle shoe pleased several people. One of them noted that the price can’t be beaten for a good pair of sneakers.”
  • Some users noted the reinforced toe of the Airwalk Legacee. They remarked that it was a nice addition to the shoe since it keeps their toes dry even when walking through wet grass.
  • The casual low-top footwear is easy to clean, including the white colorway, reported a few purchasers.

5 reasons not to buy

  • Several customers complained that the Airwalk Legacee is poorly put together. Many of them reported soles splitting or breaking off from the shoes and fabrics tearing, all within a few short months of use.
  • A number of purchasers felt that the low-top sneaker has a narrow width.
  • Some testers were disappointed to find that the lifestyle footwear has no arch support, which means it can’t be worn for a long period by people who have plantar fasciitis or high arches.
  • A handful of users said that the Airwalk Legacee sneaker needs breaking in. For the first few uses, the heel would feel stiff and the shoe a little tight.
  • One reviewer remarked that the laces of the sneaker felt about an inch too short.

Bottom line

The Airwalk Legacee is a perfect mixture of chic and comfort. This retro-styled shoe boasts of a wide selection of striking colors, ranging from the classically simple to the outrageously bold. Some users say that it is not as solidly built as other Airwalk shoes since the soles tend to fall away within a few short months of wear.

However, several have pointed out, that for a shoe with a very low price point even just a few months of constant use is a very good deal.

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Good to know

The Airwalk Legacee is available for both men and women although the women’s version carries a wider variety of colors to choose from. Measurements for the men’s model range from 6 to 15 while the women’s version ranges from 5 to 13. The shoe runs true-to-size, and a traditional lace closure ensures that the wearer gets the perfect fit.

The Airwalk Legacee has an easygoing style that is effortless to match with any casual outfit. The low-top shoe goes well with jeans, shorts, and even dresses.

The Airwalk Legacee’s bold and vibrant colors and prints make this shoe stand out. From subdued tones to tonal hues to wild prints, the shoe carries a wide range of colorways to suit everyone. The comfort is also excellent and perfect for walking around in.

The Airwalk brand was founded in 1986 by Bill Mann and George Yohn. Neither were skateboarders, but both spent their time watching skaters in parks to see how skaters used and damaged their shoes. During that time, the skateboarding market was largely untapped, and both realized the potential. Based on their observation, they were able to design shoes that were more durable and functional than what was currently being sold.

Their first few designs were typical of the 80s—bright colors and wild patterns in high-cut profiles. It was the era of vert skating, and the Airwalk team consisted of stars like Tony Magnusson, Tony Hawk, and Mike McGill. When the 90s shifted to street skating, Airwalk shifted with the times as well by releasing simpler and more understated shoes.

Today, the Airwalk shoes are geared more towards the mainstream and lifestyle market rather than the skateboarding community although their shoes still carry an undeniable skateboarding DNA.

  • The Airwalk Legacee features a coordinating flat lace, non-marking rubber outsole, rubber cap toe, canvas upper and lining, and padded insole.


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