Our verdict

The Air Jordan XXXVI is not perfect, but it does not have real performance issues either. It effortlessly checks all the right boxes, and we have a really good time on the hard court. Quite frankly, we believe that it is not surprising if this shoe tops the list of the most preferred basketball shoes in 2021.


  • Dust-proof traction
  • Springy cushion
  • Impact protection
  • Lightness
  • Breathability
  • No-frills foot containment


  • Narrow
  • Needs break-in
  • High price
  • Not for outdoors

Who should buy the Air Jordan XXXVI

The 36th Air Jordan will be great for the following:

  • buyers with much to spare because it can really be pricey
  • players who play mostly indoors
  • hoopers with narrow or normal-sized feet

Air Jordan XXXVI aj36 buy

Who should NOT buy the Air Jordan 36

Those who are on a budget may avoid the AJ 36 or any model from Michael Jordan's OG line. Fortunately, cheaper options are available and we compiled them here

Air Jordan XXXVI aj36 not buy

We attest that guards who want a lot of response and court feel are not going to enjoy this either. They may be happier with the Nike KDs or Russell Westbrook's Jordan Why Nots.

Grip is so consistent even dust can't stop it

We established that AJ 36 has a really dependable grip on all types of floors; we didn't even find dust a problem with it.

Air Jordan XXXVI aj36 traction

The AJ36 returns energy like no other

We also discovered that quick guards won't have problems with the cushioning setup as it provided us with a really good energy return. It's the forefoot Zoom Air unit that delivered us with a healthy dose of explosiveness.

Air Jordan XXXVI aj36 forefoot

However, the cushioning system is not a straight-out-of-the-box gym. It does get better in time, so we want to note that a little bit of patience is required with this one.

Cushioning exactly where you need it 

Even if it is really bouncy, we realized that the Air Jordan XXXVI still has areas that compress quite well to absorb impact.

Air Jordan XXXVI aj36 heel

Air Jordan XXXVI never drags the foot

The whole shoe is made of materials that deliver so much without adding significant weight to it.

Air Jordan XXXVI aj36 light

The upper is made of materials that are thin but sturdy and responsive...

While we recognize that the materials are thin, this doesn't mean that they cannot provide a good lockdown. In fact, we had no containment issues with this shoe.

Air Jordan XXXVI aj36 materials

...and totally breathable

This AJ shoe has a snug fit. In fact, it's a little narrow. Fortunately, the upper materials feel really thin and minimal so we experienced no problems with ventilation.