Our verdict


Aesthetically, the Air Jordan 2010 is another polarizing shoe from Michael Jordan’s famous line of signature basketball sneakers. It features a transparent window in its side panels. However, its technologies do not disappoint. They perform well, especially after the shoe is broken in.


  • Supportive
  • Very comfortable
  • Impact protection
  • Allows movement control
  • Top-notch lockdown
  • Great fit
  • Good cushioning
  • Reduces slippage
  • Ankle support


  • Inefficient traction
  • Needs break-in period
  • Not for wide footers

Who should buy the Air Jordan 2010

  • A great addition for serious collectors of Air Jordan signature basketball sneakers.
  • Get the Air Jordan 2010 if you want a stylish, supportive and pricey basketball shoe for indoor games.

Unconventional design

Considered a memorable shoe for its unconventional design, the Air Jordan 2010 features a clear side window that symbolizes how MJ sees through his opponents on the court. 

The basketball sneaker features a detached toe cap, a perforated leather upper, a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) transparent window, and a double-stacked Zoom Air cushioning setup.

Air Jordan 2010 comes with double-stacked cushioning

The Air Jordan 2010’s cushioning system and its double-stacked Zoom Air units spoil wearers.

Air Jordan 2010 comes with double-stacked cushioning

This setup is a cushioning sandwich where a thin Phylon foam is in between a top-loaded heel unit and a bottom-loaded full-length Zoom Air unit. 

Offers a springy ride

The top-loaded unit brings stability while the full-length Zoom Air creates a more springy ride that absorbs shock even on the get-go.

The outsole features a herringbone traction pattern that is scattered all throughout. The tread pattern extends to the heel, and it effectively assists players that land on the heel.

Fits as expected

The shoe fits true to size, but it can feel a bit narrow at the forefoot due to the clear counters. It is best to try the shoe on personally to avoid shoe discomfort.

Air Jordan 2010 Lockdown fit

Accommodates the foot's natural form

Several elements of the shoe’s design contribute to its lockdown power: the traditional lacing system, the TPU counters at the forefoot and heel, the foam pods on the heel, and the rigid heel cup. 

All of these work together to avoid both side-to-side and front-to-back internal slippage. The asymmetrical collar accommodates the foot's natural form and ultimately gives it a snug and sculpted wrap.

Air Jordan 2010 Accommodates the foot's natural form

The shoe’s toe box is detached and completely wrapped in soft tumbled leather. Because of this, the wearer will be able to flex and bend without creasing the toe box nor the main body of the upper. 

Mesh fabric for breathability

The same high-quality leather material is used in the heel area. Underneath the leather toe box is a mesh fabric that wearers describe as breathable.

Air Jordan 2010 clear windows

The clear windows on the side panels are made of TPU, and they provide ventilation and take off some of the shoe’s weight. The TPU counters keep the foot within the footbed during hard cuts and other movements.

Translucent outsole

The shoe’s Phylon midsole houses two Zoom Air units of differing sizes. Depending on the colorway, the outsole is made of either a solid rubber compound or a translucent one.

Air Jordan 2010 Phylon midsole

The clear panels on the sides are actually added to accommodate Michael Jordan’s request for a transparent shoe. 

Luxurious leather toe cap

Both the clear window and the luxurious leather toe cap take the center stage, and they are described by wearers to be classy and over the top.

Air Jordan 2010 Luxurious leather toe cap

The base of the Phylon midsole showcases a quote from Michael Jordan that says, “I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

Air Jordan 2010 is a must-have shoe for collectors

In the year of its release, five colorways were debuted. The Air Jordan 2010 28 Days of Flight is a dual chrome shoe of black and neon green. The shoe is finished off with a solid rubber outsole.

The XX8 Days of Flight colorway celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the Air Jordan shoe series. The basketball shoes of Michael Jordan have a 28 Days of Flight colorway from the first Air Jordan model to the 23rd.