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10 reasons to buy

  • A significant number of online reviewers commend the versatile style of the Adidas ZX Flux 5/8.
  • Comfort is a common quality used to describe these shoes. 
  • A handful of purchasers love its stand out and smart modern design.
  • One shopper loves the material used on the upper because it is soft on the feet but at the same time hardwearing.
  • The unique design captivated one shopper's attention into buying these. 
  • A couple of testers claim that these keep the feet warm during winter months.
  • Several users love the ZX Flux 5/8 more because it fits great around the ankles.
  • The colorways of these sneakers can match almost any piece of clothing, according to one observer.
  • The unusual design of the laces gives the sneakers an interesting and pleasing overall look, according to a customer.
  • Buyers were not disappointed with their acquisition. 

3 reasons not to buy

  • A couple of reviewers noted that these are on the narrow side.
  • The upper of the Adidas ZX Flux 5/8 is not waterproof, said one online consumer.
  • One wearer observed that after a couple of wears, the sneaker frays on the side.

Bottom line

The Adidas ZX Flux 5/8 is a breath of fresh air in Adidas sneakers' collection because of its stylish design and innovative technologies. Dubbed as an underdog by some Adidas fans, its unique style is what sets it apart from all other sneakers.

The materials used on these sneakers make it a suitable sneaker to use during winter and autumn. This kick is backed up with technologies that boost its comfortable strides like the Adidas Torsion system. These sneakers are recommended for shoppers who are looking for autumn or winter sneakers.


Base model: Adidas ZX Flux
Top: Mid
Inspired from: Running
Collection: Adidas ZX
Price: $120
Colorways: Black, Brown, Grey
Special editions: 4 special editions
Small True to size Large
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A top rated sneaker
A top rated Adidas sneaker

The Adidas ZX Flux 5/8 is exclusively offered for men, ranging from sizes 6.5-13. Half sizes are available to help get users the ideal fit. Instead of the traditional lace-up closure, these sneakers take cues from the outdoor shoes and are incorporated with a D-ring lacing system. It ensures durability and easier adjustment of the lacing.

The ZX Flux 5/8 is a breath of fresh air on the iconic ZX Series. Much like the other sneakers under the collection, the Adidas ZX Flux 5/8 combines technology and minimalist style. The upper is composed of an airy mesh with a durable neoprene heel cage which gives its structure and texture. It is sealed with a reflective and welded Three Stripes logo and two-tone laces which add pleasing and outdoor accents on the overall look of the shoe.

The ZX series garnered the reputation of using technologies that is beyond its time. The ZX Flux 5/8 is no exception as it is infused with different innovations like the Adidas Torsion System. This advancement allows the forefoot and rearfoot to move naturally. More so, it can help the feet be relieved from strain because of excess motion and different forms of terrain.

The Torsion system serves a bridge that supports the midfoot and prevents improper flexing of the arch. As a result, there is a smooth heel-to-toe transition and controlled strides and movement.

One of the most important sneakers, which loyal Adidas fans should know is the ZX Flux series. The purpose of the collection was to cover the varying needs of runners. It entails having a shoe that is suited for different terrains, from all-terrain to road runners. More so, it aims to cater to different kinds of runners whether they be casual joggers or competitive long-distance runners.

Each sneaker was carefully handcrafted by its developers in Scheinfeld factory in Bavaria. To suit the needs of the different and specific runners, each shoe had slight differences from each other. From then on, the series had multiple releases and even stemmed out to the ZX Flux, which shed new light to the technologically-advanced line of sneakers.

The ZX Flux came from the DNA of the 1989 model ZX 8000. During its release in 2014, it turned heads as it fused minimalism and modern technology.

  • An injection-molded EVA midsole is injected on the Adidas ZX Flux 5/8 which gives it cushioning but keeps the shoe lightweight.
  • The rubber outsole includes deep lugs for additional grip that are suited for outdoor use.


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