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9 reasons to buy

  • The Adidas ZX 500 RM is one of the most comfortable sneakers that many users have ever worn. 
  • It has an aesthetic that captures the likings of several people.
  • The remastered ZX 500 of Adidas is highly recommended by a lot of users.
  • The sneaker is versatile and can be dressed up or down, according to some wearers. 
  • One has mentioned that it looks better in person than in photos.
  • The high-quality fabric used on its upper makes it like walking on clouds, per the reviews of a couple of users.
  • People get lots of compliments while wearing them.
  • A handful of customers like the sneaker so much that they are planning to buy another pair in the future.
  • The colors of the laces really complement the rest of the shoe, which pleased a handful of buyers.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Comparing the OG ZX 500's to the fresh remastered ones, the latter seems to appear cheap in comparison, a reviewer has pointed out.
  • The sneakers make a slight sound when walking, which annoyed some buyers.
  • The outsole and the base are clunky and make your foot seem a lot bigger, a user has mentioned.

Bottom line

Refreshing the look of the famous ZX 500 from the ’80s, Adidas is at it again with its upgrading concepts visible with its Adidas ZX 500 RM. 

Enriching the ZX series, the remastered version includes stability EVA features on the ever-so-soft Boost midsole for a responsive and cloud-like feel. The low-top is made lighter complete with high-quality fabrics which even looks cooler in person than in photos. 



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The sneaker is generally released, as opposed to its collaborative brothers under the Adidas umbrella. Cloud-like cushioning with motion control features are provided by the Boost midsole with strategic EVA inserts at the heel and the forefront. The collar and tongue are also padded for cozy on and off. Men can purchase the Adidas ZX 500 RM in a generous offering of sizes.

Running apparel would most likely be a frequent partner for these sneakers as its vintage appeal gives honor to its iconic grandfather. A more casual look can be attained by sporting these runner-inspired kicks with jeans, joggers, or any type of trousers. Suede overlays found all over the sneaker superbly outline its signature points which in general projects the retro image.

The Adidas ZX 500 RM keeps the aesthetic tradition of the initial release with its suede overlays, and the EVA inserts found on the bottom front of the midsole as well as in the heel. A TPU heel stabilizer is utilized as an extended heel counter. A traditional Trefoil logo is displayed on the tongue tab.

Diversity was the keyword for creating Adidas' ZX series. In a decade packed with a lot of sneaker-technology heat, Adidas obliged with their multi-platform concept shoe franchise. Though the collection only stretched for 5 years, the 80s were fortunate enough to witness the German brand's prudence when it comes to producing innovative iterations.

First to come off the pack was the ZX 500. It was the shoe that started all the hype for versatile running silhouettes that can withstand the beating from tedious marathons to all-terrain hikes. In Layman's terms, it was the first shoe built for all types of runners.

The ZX 500 was released in 1984, the era where iconic sneakers dominate the footwear market. It was the first of its kind, bearing a dual-density midsole for strategic motion control features with an extended heel counter for rear stability which was all wrapped up in a handsome design. Nylon and mesh complete the upper's look which is accentuated by suede overlays. It also showcases a Ghilly lacing system for quick snugging around the mid part of the vamp.

The ZX 500 was a successful model that spawned subsequent versions in the following months and years from its debut. It was even resurrected after two decades, giving it numerous colorway variations that fans love to cop. But as the zeitgeist of sneaker components transition, more and more revolutionary technologies are utilized. The sneaker did not escape the eyes of the Adidas design team and had its own renovation in July of 2018.

The Adidas ZX 500 RM is the remastered edition of the vintage runner which contains contemporary elements like the Boost sole with EVA inserts that give the nod to its original ancestor. The upper's design relatively remained intact with a little dash of modern taste. The new and improved ZX 500 maintains the brilliant Ghilly lacing system which sits on a combination of mesh and suede components.

  • The sneaker scraps the nipple outsole tooling of the original and utilizes a rubber outsole with holes for grip and traction. Adidas brandings are also found underfoot at the mid shank part of the sole.
  • Two prominent colorways were released which come in different shades of grey.
  • The sneaker was also fortunate to bear the Goku colorway from the Adidas Originals Dragon Ball collection which goes by the name Adidas ZX 500 RM Goku.
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