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Adidas ZX 500 never seems to disappoint in comfort and style. It’s one of the classic pairs that get big love and attention then and now, whether covered in leather, suede, mesh, textile, or shiny flat beads. Score a pair or two of these heritage runners, and start adding flair to your wardrobe. If you're into glittery things, try the sequin version and leave a sparkle wherever you go.


  • Spongy cushioning
  • All-day comfort
  • Enjoyable ride
  • Supportive underfoot
  • Vibrant
  • Light
  • Collectible
  • Reasonable price


  • Too roomy
  • Midfoot might be spacious

Who should buy the Adidas ZX 500

The Adidas ZX 500 is a spot-on choice for: 

  • Sneakerheads looking for all-day comfort
  • Adidas fans who want a great-value option
  • Those who want a lightweight addition to their growing Adidas collection

Adidas ZX 500 adidas

Who should NOT buy it

Those who prefer a snug fit can go for the Adidas Stan Smith instead. Not only is it cheaper, but it also has a more precise fit. 

Adidas ZX 500 fit

There are also some Nike kicks that might suit your preference better. They're known for their form-fitting wrap. And if you don't mind spending a few extra bucks, the Nike Court Vision Low offers the same sporty design. 

Comfort that lasts all-day

Although not as pillowy as the Adidas NMD grails, many sneaker fans still find the Adidas ZX 500 "very cushy." So much so, they "wear it all day." 

Adidas ZX 500 insole

Ready to turn heads

Women buyers talk big about the “very sparkly,” “gorgeous” sequin finish of the ZX 500 model in Shock Purple/Collegiate Red colorway. 

Adidas ZX 500 forefoot

The Adidas ZX 500 skimps on weight

It's ideal for long travels as it doesn't weigh the foot down. 

Adidas ZX 500 cushion

A worthy addition to your collection

Heaps of Adidas ZX fans who adore its quality are stacking up on different colors. 

Adidas ZX 500 instep

Quality explains the price

ZX series followers affirm that it’s well worth the money (in this case, the $110) spent.

Adidas ZX 500 toe box

Stable strides in the Adidas ZX 500

This kick offers support in the arch. 

Adidas ZX 500 quality

Midfoot can use a little more lockdown

This sneaker comes with an unusually high instep, so it feels spacious around the midfoot.

Adidas ZX 500 midfoot

What are you getting for its price?

  • It is assembled with a soft underside, using a double-layered foam that's responsible for absorbing all the impact right below the feet.
  • It has a plastic-molded heel counter working as a stable backbone. It clutches feet and prevents them from wobbling, especially when moving in multi-direction at a time. 
  • The layering of materials on the upper allows a sufficient amount of ventilation.
  • It flaunts a stylish design that wearers want to sport regularly or save for special days.

Adidas ZX 500 heel

From a true-blue and reliable running trainer from 1984, the Adidas ZX 500 has become at home under Three Stripes’ lifestyle department. The remastered version kickstarted an entire line of Adidas ZX sneakers. Below are some of the most popular ones:

  • ZX 750 is covered with a significantly breathable mesh upper but with a thicker tongue compared to the ZX 500. 
  • ZX Flux is stripped off with tons of weight, making it a lot lighter than the ZX 500.
  • ZX 8000 Lego ignited the vibrant trend attached to the ZX line. But its radiance doesn’t come close to the glittery finish of some ZX 500 variations.