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On any occasion, the next thing you'd want is not to be distracted by foot pain. The Adidas ZX 1K Boost from the ZX line allows you to strut in style and hit on all cylinders, even on hectic days. This kick ticks all the boxes regarding aesthetics, function, comfort, and durability while still falling under the wallet-friendly range.


  • Soft
  • Comfy
  • Cushiony
  • Well-made
  • Versatile
  • Breathable
  • Unheavy
  • Eco-friendly


  • Narrow toe box
  • Unpadded tongue
  • Too chunky

Who should buy the Adidas ZX 1K Boost

Purchase the ZX 1K Boost from Adidas if: 

  • you want a plush sensation in your strolls around town
  • you want to buy a sneaker that's suited for multiple activities
  • you care for the environment
  • you are looking for a light and breathable pair of kicks

Adidas ZX 1K Boost adidas shoe

Who should NOT buy it

Don't get the Adidas ZX 1K Boost if you want a roomy toe box. If you want an accommodating fit for wide feet, get these wide Adidas shoes instead. 

Adidas ZX 1K Boost forefoot

And if you're looking for the top-recommended, most reliable pairs, the Adidas Lite Racer Adapt 3.0 and Adidas Gazelle reign supreme. 

Like walking on clouds

Adidas ZX 1K Boost feels like pillows to the foot, ideal for those on their feet the whole day.

Adidas ZX 1K Boost comfort

Many are blown away by its comfort, which is “second to none.” An Adidas fan finds this more comfortable than the NMD_R1 and Alphaboost.

Don't worry about strained feet

Its Boost sole keeps underfoot stress at bay. Reviewers said the rear cushion is way better than on the NMDs and Ultraboosts.

Adidas ZX 1K Boost midsole

Quality that speaks for itself

It’s done in excellent quality, making it “a home runner among the best buys.”

Adidas ZX 1K Boost quality

You can wear the Adidas ZX 1K Boost with anything

Admirers enjoy sporting it for an indoor workout, outdoor training, and casual wear.

Adidas ZX 1K Boost lacing system

Ventilation is A-OK! 

Its mesh upper makes it more ventilated than the knitted Ultraboost runners. 

Adidas ZX 1K Boost breathability

Doesn't tip the scales

Amazed testers find it to be surprisingly light.

Adidas ZX 1K Boost heel

Heart on the planet

Some models are made with recycled materials.

Adidas ZX 1K Boost upper

Warning: Not for wide feet

The space around the forefoot constricts movement. Critics say it rubs against the pinky toe.

Adidas ZX 1K Boost toe box

Tongue that doesn't stay in place

Without a thick foam, the tongue tends to slide from side to side. 

Adidas ZX 1K Boost lockdown

The Adidas ZX 1K Boost looks enormous

Quite bulky given its thick sole structure.

Adidas ZX 1K Boost cushion

A quick comparison with other Boost buddies

  • Adidas ZX 1K Boost grabs a sleeker look when set side by side the partly robust-looking Nite Jogger
  • Compared to the ZX 2K Boost with a plasticky material wrapping the rear midsole, the ZX 1K Boost feels squishier.
  • Like the best-selling Adidas NMD_R1, the wide range of colorways available for this kick give you the flexibility to squeeze it into several casual and activewear.