Adidas Ultraboost Uncaged review

The Primeknit upper on this shoe is remarkably supportive of your foot, considering there is no cage and a minimal lacing system. The upper stretches around your foot, even on a wider foot, and only gets more comfortable with time.

The lack of a cage and upper support means this won't be a shoe your running rugged terrain in. Your foot just doesn’t feel stable, and the stretchiness of the Primeknit upper means your foot will want to slip past out the sides of the shoe.

The breathability on this shoe is also excellent. My foot tends to run hot, but that was no issue with this shoe.

The Primeknit was tight enough around my foot to offer support, but not tight enough to constrict my feet and cause discomfort.

Comfort & fit

As the minimal lacing system implies, Adidas made this less of a shoe and more a sock with padding on the bottom.

This makes the shoe very comfortable to wear, but the lack of a padded tongue means that the lacing system caused a lot of pain if I tied the shoes a bit tighter.

Add that to the fact that the laces stop rather low on the foot, and it ended up causing my heel to lift up and get that slipping feeling when trying to run a bit faster.

The material around the ankle can irritate your skin, particularly once it gets sweaty. I would highly recommend wearing socks that go above the ankle tab of the shoe to prevent any discomfort.

Rough ankle collar seam scratches at your foot.

Ultraboost Uncaged cushioning

If you’ve worn an Adidas shoe that uses Boost technology, you don't need any explanation of how comfortable this shoe is.

The Boost foam is protective and bouncy, but not squishy to the point where you get that sinking feeling. The foam is a perfect blend of comfort and firmness.

Boost technology was engineered to be lightweight and offer as much energy return as possible. The lack of a plastic cage and a few other features makes it a bit lighter than the regular Adidas Ultra Boost.

While this shoe is not the lightest runner at 10.3oz, I still prefer the superior cushioning of this shoe when compared to some ofter lightweight runners. 

Outsole & durability

With a Continental rubber outsole, the Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged raises no concerns about durability.

The forefoot of the shoe did wear a bit faster as that is where you land the most while running, but considering the mileage, these shoes have gone through I am very impressed.

As we have seen with countless Adidas models, the Continental rubber outsole is good for a few hundred miles.

The outsole is grippy enough to be fine with a wet road, but it is incredibly slippery on grass and dirt. It’s best to keep it on asphalt with this shoe.

The stretchweb outsole also means your going to be getting this crazy durability and grip without compromising on the flexibility of the shoe.

The Boost technology also ages very well. Even after 200+ miles, it offers as much support and comfort as when it was brand new.

Lacing system

This is probably the largest downfall with the Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged, in my opinion. The lacing system is essentially useless and offers no support in the midfoot.

As mentioned before, this shoe is closer to a sock than a shoe. There is no tongue which causes a lot of pain to your foot if the laces are too tight. Adidas tried fixing this by using thicker laces, but thicker laces are no replacement for a normal shoe tongue.

I prefer going half size up on some of my shoes to give my foot more room to move around and not cramp up during long runs. While the shoe never felt like it was going to fall off during easier paced runs, I did wish there was a bit more lockdown on the upper part of my foot to prevent the heel from rising.

While on the topic, one more eyelet towards that top of the shoe would have been greatly appreciated. I really wish Adidas made this more like the cageless Adidas Pureboost lacing system.

Price of the Adidas Ultraboost Uncaged

Adidas Ultra Boost shoes are notorious for being incredibly expensive. This can be a huge problem for people who are on a budget or go through shoes really quickly. While I think the Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged is a great shoe, I don’t think it is worthy of a $180 price tag.

Luckily, the prices of these shoes are dropping as Adidas produces more shoes with the Boost technology. I personally bought my shoes for $100 directly from the Adidas website and can't imagine spending much more than that if I was to buy these again.

I would sincerely recommend looking at the price history and setting up a price alert on the RunRepeat website to make sure you get the best deals.


I put looks last because I know this is where a lot of controversies comes into play. There are a lot of people out there that claim the Adidas Ultra Boost brand in itself is more of a casual shoe brand than a running shoe brand.

While there are a lot of Adidas with the Ultra Boost technology that is more casual everyday shoes, the Boost technology was initially created with runners in mind.

All that being said, this is a great running shoe that can also be used for walking around town. While I personally prefer to keep my running and everyday walking shoes separate, the amazing design, a wide range of colors, and comfort make this a great shoe overall for multiple use cases.

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Road
Weight: Men 10.7oz / Women 9oz
Drop: 10mm
Arch support: Neutral
Base model: Adidas Ultraboost
Forefoot height: 20mm
Heel height: 30mm

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