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9 reasons to buy

  • A majority of the reviewers have expressed that the Adidas Tubular Runner really feels comfortable on the foot.
  • The shoe feels lightweight on foot as what some of the users have claimed.
  • Several of the users said that the shoe is breathable on the foot.
  • The shoe is among the Adidas shoes that display a very stylish look and design, as several reviewers have stated.
  • Several reviewers have declared that the shoe is easy to clean.
  • It is among the Adidas Tubular sneakers that are available in different and lovely colorways, according to some users who have shared their appreciation. 
  • A handful of reviewers have enjoyed all the compliments they get from wearing the shoe.
  • Most of the buyers have mentioned that they would definitely and highly recommend the shoe.
  • This variation is among the Adidas sneakers that are offered at a reasonable price, a cheaper version of the Adidas Y-3 line.

0 reasons not to buy

  • A couple of the reviewers have noted that the Adidas Tubular Runner takes a few days to break-in.
  • Some wearers share their disappointment about the shoe’s fit. 

Bottom line

The Adidas Tubular Runner is a low-top shoe that offers the wearer a great comfortable feeling for their foot. The neoprene underlay of the shoe offers a rather ideal snug sock-like fit for the foot and its overly provides a lightweight upper.

With its versatility when it comes to style, a variety of cool colorways, and a price that wouldn’t leave a huge gash on the wallet, this shoe really offers a great deal.



A top rated sneaker
A top rated Adidas sneaker
A popular pick

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The fit of the Adidas Tubular Runner shares the same average fit as the regular Adidas Tubular. The lace-up closure system of the shoe allows the wearer to lock their feet down in a snug, comfortable fit. The shoe may run a bit large for some so going down in sizes may be applicable. The shoe is offered in both men’s and women’s sizing.

A combination of sport and style is what the Adidas Tubular Runner mostly showcases. A sense of versatility is also offered by this low-top shoe as it can fully function well with a variety of outfit choices, representing various kinds of styles. With the laser-cut heel cage, the shoe features a dimensional appeal that made it qualify more into the world of fashion.

The sporty vibe given off by the shoe allows the wearer to express their casual sport style through an outfit that would appropriately go well with these pair of kicks. One can also use the shoe as a complement for their street style attire. With an appropriate top, this shoe goes pretty well with a pair of cuffed jeans, jogger jeans, skinny jeans, fitted jeans, and joggers.

One of the things that the buyers mostly gush about the Adidas Tubular Runner is the comfort it offers to the wearer. They expressed their love on how the shoe felt on their feet, mostly saying that it is the most comfortable shoe they own so far. The design of the shoe also gathered quite some appreciation from the buyers. They said that it looked really stylish and it is really versatile when it comes to style.

When the Adidas Tubular was first made and was primarily designed as a basketball shoe, it didn’t acquire much popularity. The silhouette was way ahead of its time with the complexity of its design. But then Adidas’ VP of Designs, Nic Galway, went through the brand’s archive and got drawn into the Tubular prototypes. He gave the silhouette another shot as with the present-day technology allows the manufacturing of the shoe more attainable. The Tubulars we see today are the results.

In the year 2014, the new Tubular silhouette was released in the form of the Adidas Tubular Runner. The shoe is mostly inspired by car tire which is shown on the design of its outsole, thus being called the “Tubular”. This silhouette is also somewhat a much cheaper version of the rather expensive Adidas’ Y-3 line which was designed by Yohji Yamamoto. The Adidas Tubular also displays several characteristics of the Y-3 shoes such as the neoprene and the donut-shaped sole but only in a quite lesser price.

The Adidas Tubular Runner silhouette was also given some iterations throughout its existence. The expansion of the Tubular’s design includes variations on the silhouette’s upper. Different color combinations for the colorway of the shoe were also released.

  • The Adidas Tubular Runner may be sold at a discounted price in some retailers.
  • A simplified re-imagination of the Ghillie lacing system was given to the shoe which ensures this futuristic shoe still portrays the Adidas DNA.
  • The rubber outsole of the shoe offers good traction on different kinds of the ground surface.
  • A dual-density EVA midsole is given for the shoe which offers good comfort for the foot.
  • The signature Adidas Trefoil branding can be observed on the hell part of the shoe.
  • Adidas branding is shown on the tongue of the shoe.
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Danny McLoughlin

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