Profile of the Adidas Tour360 XT Primeknit

The XT Primeknit belongs to the brand's performance line-up, Tour360. This model exhibits a blend of old and new. 

What's new? In comparison to its predecessor, the Adidas Tour360 XT, the Primeknit version offers certain feature modifications compared to the typical leather upper. It creates all the difference in breathability, yet it is positioned with a waterproof coating to overcome the usual challenges in the course like moisture. 

Despite the updates, there are specific components that were retained, including the Boost, 360Wrap, X-Traxion, and Thintech. 


The spiked outsole is devised with X-Traxion primary lugs. The purpose of the eight-cleated sole is to provide grip and balance to ensure that the foot does not slide when it pivots during a swing. 

Adidas places Thintech EXP lugs to fill the space between the spikes. It does not only enhance the grip of the shoe on the turf, but it is also green-friendly.  


The all-new Tour360 deserves nothing but the best in terms of technologies. Possessing the Boost midsole, golfers can easily enjoy endless energy return because of its responsive quality. The interior is also designed with INSITE sockliner to better the fit of the shoe and improve balance.


The impression that knitted uppers are only a trend is an antiquated idea. The Primeknit upper is unique for Adidas because it gives an engineered fit. 

The technology can inject stability in specific areas. For the Tour360 XT Primeknit specifically, the sides of the shoe are heated to induce thickness and make the area more stable. It prevents slippage, especially on lateral movements. 

The material welcomes extreme breathability compared to leather, which comes useful, especially when days are hot. It is also furnished with a waterproof coating to shield the shoe from any kind of moisture. 

One of the usual glitches that Primeknit usually gets is the lack of a secure fit. The brand takes care of that through the 360 Wrap, it gives a supportive and wrapped fit to lock the foot in.

Adidas Tour360 XT Primeknit Style

Compared to its predecessor, one of the most significant changes injected on this trainer is the Primeknit upper. While there are changes in quality, in terms of style, the alterations are also apparent.

The knitted material provides texture since, by looking closely, different colors come into play. The overall styling of the product is minimal, and logos are kept to the lowest.


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