Updates to Adidas Terrex Two

  • This trail running shoe, the Adidas Terrex Two, is strategically-designed for challenging trails. With the features and technologies integrated into the shoe, improved performance is offered to users. With the utilization of the perfect blend of mesh and synthetic upper materials, added durability and breathability are delivered. Better inflow and outflow of air is promoted, which results in a healthier foot environment. 
  • Featured in the shoe is the continental rubber outsole. The main focus of which is to deliver exceptional grip while supporting the natural movements of the foot.

Size and fit

When it comes to size, the Adidas Terrex Two utilizes the standard running shoe length. It comes in measurements that follow the usual preferences of users. Like the Adidas Ultraboost 19 which has a semi-curved shape, the natural curvatures of the foot adhere nicely to the shoe. The available width is medium and wide fit for both men's and women's versions. The shoe is sure to accommodate those with a wide or medium-sized foot.


The continental rubber is integrated into the Adidas Terrex Two. This component of the footwear aims to deliver the right amount of traction, especially in wet weather conditions. When compared to other outsole rubbers used in the market nowadays, this material is sure to improve the runner's performance. As a result, the runner can start and finish his activities with ease and confidence.


Utilized in the running shoe is the EVA midsole. This technology is described as extremely elastic material that is similar to rubber. Because of the way the midsole compound is constructed, it is considered as an excellent partner in different running activities. The material is lightweight in structure. It provides the right amount of cushioning without looking and feeling bulky. As a result, flexibility is promoted as it adjusts to the natural movements of the foot. The possibility of feeling strained is also prevented after long miles and hours of running and walking.


Used in crafting the Adidas Terrex Two is the open mesh material. Along with the mesh is the soft textile lining. The primary goal and purpose of which is to provide breathability. The abrasion-resistant mesh and synthetic upper aims to deliver lightweight durability as well.

Featured in the shoe is the lace-up style. This lacing system is essential in delivering a more secure and fine-tuned fit.

Integrated into the shoe is the neutral arch. This component of the footwear is significant in preventing ankle rolling during the running session.

Additional Info

Due to the positive response from the majority of the consumers, the Adidas Terrex Two added other styles to its line. These include the Adidas Terrex Two Parley, Adidas Terrex Two Boa, and the Adidas Terrex Two GTX.

The Adidas Terrex Two Parley is designed for running on light trails. As we all know, Adidas is one of the active founding members of the organization called "Parley for the Oceans.” Adidas collaborated with them to develop a thermoplastic fuse thread. This thread is described to be both flexible and super light but still maintains its durability. Integrated into the material used for the yarn contains Parley Ocean Plastic. This material is made up of recycled plastic wastes that are found along the shoreline of beaches and coastal areas. The organization has an advocacy to end waste pollution in seas and oceans. They are also focused on helping to raise awareness about preserving the beauty of the beaches.  

The Adidas Terrex Two Boa is designed for trail running as well. It features an urban look that's sure not to be out of place downtown. Most of the users love its sleek lines and its daring white color. The interesting technical detail of the Terrex Two Boa is the slip-on feature. This is essential in sliding the foot inside the shoe with ease and comfort. Runners need not a lot of effort in trying to tie the laces because a quick twist of the Boa system will make them ready to go at a shorter time. 

On the other hand, the Adidas Terrex Two GTX is said to be a perfect partner in tackling challenging trails. The fabric material used in building the shoe is water and abrasion-resistant and robust. It is strategically built to withstand both wet and dry weather conditions. With the use of the quick-lacing system, easy on and off and a more secure fit is provided. 


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