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7 reasons to buy

  • Sticky: The Terrex Hikster from Adidas has a mighty grippy outsole, numerous hikers say. It provides a kind of “traction that grips everything,” said one of them.
  • Comfy: About a third of the reports we have gathered speak of the shoe’s immense amounts of comfort.
  • Supportive: It delivers sufficient ankle security over moderately rugged terrain.
  • Light: This hiking shoe can give you a burst of speed with its remarkable lightness.
  • Glove-like: Reviewers find this hiker "perfect" when it comes to fit.
  • Training-ready: The Adidas Terrex Hikster can double as a training shoe, thanks to its sleek design.
  • Looks: Its modern aesthetics can make a few heads turn.

1 reason not to buy

  • Dirt magnet (women’s variant): This hiker, particularly the Crystal White colorway, is like a blank canvas to smudges and the like.

Bottom line

Part of RunRepeat’s selection of high-quality urban hikers, the Terrex Hikster offers hiking empowerment without necessarily looking like you have two brown tanks on your feet. Yes, in this confidence-inspiring pair, you will be exploring both cityscapes and trails speedily and in style. So if you are looking for a highly versatile shoe, the Terrex Hikster from Adidas is far from a bad choice.

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What the box might not tell you about the Adidas Terrex Hikster

As the authority for all things hiking shoes, we at RunRepeat believe that details beyond the nitty-gritty are also quite valuable. As such, concerning the Terrex Hikster, we have listed the following:

Rockered front and back. With its heel and toe rockers, the Hikster can help you navigate level terrain and pavements with ease.

Wider heel. Hikers will get increased rearfoot stability in this pair, a welcome feature especially for adventurers with wobbly heels.

Side lugs. These provide additional grip, even when your foot sinks a few inches into muddy soil.

Textile interior. The Terrex Hikster’s liner is made of soft fabric, translating to instant comfort or a quick break-in period.

Additional info

  • If you are in need of more ankle support, check out the Terrex Hikster Mid
  • The Terrex Trail Maker is yet another Adidas hiker that can be a good alternative to the Terrex Hikster. It also costs less than the featured shoe.


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