Our verdict


Simple in design but supreme in function is what the Adidas Tech Response is about. Golfers are delighted that, since wearing the shoe, many have experienced an improvement in their game. Comfortable, grippy, stable, and breathable best describe the trainer.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Excellent grip
  • Stable base
  • Well worth the money
  • Incredibly breathable
  • Fashionable and versatile
  • Removable spikes


  • Not having a waterproof upper
  • Spikes are not seated properly
  • Lack of arch support
  • Need to enhace cushioning

Who should buy the Adidas Tech Response

The Adidas Tech Response is a golf shoe that is packed with style and tech. It is a solid option if you:

  • Need a shoe that has Thintech EXP cleats complemented by Traxion tech and provides reliable traction without compromising ground feel, stability, and durability. 
  • Need a shoe that has spikes in the mesh and synthetic upper and infuses breathability while facilitating structure.

Adidas Tech Response Logo

Adiwear rubber traction

Seated at the bottom of the Tech Response is the Adiwear rubber traction. Those familiar with the brand would know that this durable and non-marking outsole innovation originally started in tennis footwear. While this comes perfect for high-abrasion areas, it is also useful in long-distance walking on golf courses. 

Adidas Tech Response Adiwear rubber traction

Excellent ground grip

Each movement in golf entails an excellent ground grip. This is addressed through the generously applied 6 Thintech EXP cleats. In effect, traction, durability, stability, and traction are all improved without damaging the greens. 

Adidas Tech Response Excellent ground grip

Working in complementary with the cleats are secondary lugs called Traxion. The shape of each lug is tapered, giving maximum ground anchor while minimizing the pressure points on the foot.

Comfortable cushioning

Squeezed in the middle of the upper and outsole is a soft EVA foam. It cushions the foot and increases comfort.

Adidas Tech Response Comfortable cushioning

Breathable upper

The men’s and women’s versions of the Adidas Tech Response have minor differences, mainly in how materials are used. The gentlemen can enjoy mesh and leather, both of which are positioned strategically. The breathable upper is almost on the entire shoe-sidewalls, toe part, and tongue. Synthetic leather gives structure to the shoe and facilitates durability. 

Adidas Tech Response Breathable upper

The ladies’ model utilizes microfiber leather on the toe and heel area while the sides have used textiles, incorporating air on the interior. 

Snug fit

The combination of upper materials delivers a snug fit that wraps the foot comfortably. The strategic placement of synthetic leather gives a similar design to the traditional saddle. A traditional lace-up serves as its closure, locking the foot into place.

Adidas Tech Response Snug fit