Our verdict


A sharp look and lightweight cushioning are factors that make the Adidas Swift Runs hard to resist. From this line, the Adidas Swift Run X taps the hearts of budget-conscious sneaker lovers who need sporty, go-to slip-ons for everyday wear. Slip your foot into the Adidas Swift Run X and you might end up banging this style throughout spring and summer wherever you’ll go.


  • Simple and straightforward style
  • Cushy for all-day wear
  • Glove-like fit
  • Light
  • Breathable for summer
  • Easy on and off
  • One of Adidas' most affordable shoes


  • Not for wide feet
  • Causes heel rub
  • Upper lacks stretch

Who should buy the Adidas Swift Run X

Take the Swift Run X from Adidas is the perfect fit for those want a: 

  • sporty yet affordable addition to their outfit
  • lightweight and plush sneaker for all-day wear

Adidas Swift Run X adidas logo

Who should NOT buy it

If you want something that's accommodating for wide feet, try the Adidas Grand Court or the Adidas Lite Racer Adapt 3.0. On top of this, they're both made with stretchy, comfortable uppers. 

Adidas Swift Run X wear

Adidas Swift Run X keeps you moving all-day

Although its cushioning isn't anywhere near the NMDs, it “softens the impact” and is “great to walk in,” according to lots of pleased sneaker users.

Adidas Swift Run X foam

Add some flair to your ensemble

Numerous wearers love the Adidas Swift Run X style; it's pairable with lots of casual daywear. Many say, “it looks amazing" with leggings and hoodies.

Adidas Swift Run X design

Doesn't dig deep into the pockets

Tons of buyers, many are repeat ones, can’t say no to this kick as it’s one of the cheapest from Adidas. It only retails for $85.

Adidas Swift Run X forefoot

Keeps the foot in place

Like the original Swift, this sneaker’s upper structure securely embraces the foot. On top of this, it also provides a light and airy sensation during hot days. 

Slip it on without a fuss

Because of its slip-on design, the Adidas Swift Run X is loved by Adidas fans who love a convenient on and off. 

Adidas Swift Run X bootie construction

Effortless steps

Wear testers don’t have any issues with the shoe's weight. They say the shoe "makes each stride a breeze."

Adidas Swift Run X lightweight

The Swift Run X is hard to put on for wide feet

Slipping into its bootie structure feels restrictive, especially for broad-footed wearers. The tongue fastened to the collar makes foot entry challenging. 

Adidas Swift Run X fit

Rubs the skin

The raised section on the rear side feels too high that it digs into the back of the foot.

Adidas Swift Run X lacing

Could have a little more give

Its fabric upper isn’t as stretchy as the mesh version.

Adidas Swift Run X mesh upper

Comparing it with other similar styles

  • Adidas U_Path Run has the same asymmetrical shape as the Swift Run X in a lightweight, one-piece mesh format. Both sneakers fall under Adidas’ cheapest finds, with the U_Path Run arriving in a more flexible structure. But if you’re after the sleeker style, the Swift Run X is the direction to go. 
  • Adidas X_PLR is another budget-friendly offering by the Three-Stripes marked as the poor man’s NMD. Although the fabric covering on the Swift Run X maximizes comfort, the mesh wrapping on the X_PLR makes it more breathable.