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6 reasons to buy

  • The majority of the buyers liked the timeless appeal of the Adidas Superstar 80s Recon.
  • Most buyers found this model exceptionally comfortable.
  • Many reviewers have noted the high-quality leather upper of the Adidas SST 80s Recon. They liked the softness of this premium material.
  • One buyer cited that this sneaker looks better in the actual than the one posted online.
  • A couple of respondents revealed that they receive compliments while wearing this footwear.
  • The roomy toe box of this sneaker was mentioned few times in the reviews.

1 reasons not to buy

  • The Adidas Superstar 80s Recon is found at a slightly expensive price range.

Bottom line

The reworked version of the Adidas Superstar brings the iconic profile to the new level of style. While it displays a timeless look, its upgraded leather on the upper and lining makes this pair desirable for the majority of the buyers. The premium feel, overall cozy ride, and iconic look counterweigh its slightly pricey tag; thus this excellently crafted version of the iconic Adidas Superstar is worthy to be added in anyone's collection.  


Base model: Adidas Superstar
Top: Low
Inspired from: Basketball
Collection: Adidas Superstar
Price: $180
Colorways: White
Special editions: 34 special editions
Small True to size Large
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A top rated sneaker
A top rated Adidas sneaker
A popular pick

This unisex shoe is offered in men's sizing only from 5 to 14 US in medium width. Women must take 1.5 sizes down their regular shoe size for a more secure and comfortable fit. Example, if a lady's shoe size is 7, she must order size 5.5 in men's sizing. This pair has a leather lining for added comfort and plush feel. It also has a lace-up fastening system for an adjustable fit.

The low-top Adidas Superstar 80s Recon displays nothing but the classic look but with modernized comfort. This iteration stayed authentic to its ancestor when it comes to the design, making this more appealing that can be easily matched up with virtually any attire.

To make it more alluring, the brand used premium leather on the upper and lining for better comfort and improved style. This shoe certainly kept the integrity of the original silhouette that is suitable for buyers looking for classic low-top kicks but with a rich look.

This shoe is offered in Crystal White/Collegiate Green/Off-White colorway that can be easily paired up with practically any attire - from dressing down for the casual happenings to dressing up to something tad formal.

The timeless profile of the Adidas Superstar 80s Recon makes this shoe striking for the majority of the reviewers. Many adored that this model kept the iconic elements, such as the colorway, shell-toe, and the cupsole while modernizing it with premium and more durable leather on its upper and lining.

The Adidas Superstar which was unveiled in the market in 1969 stirred from the Adidas Pro Model silhouette. The Superstar was the first ever low-top leather footwear used on the hard courts with the iconic rubber shell-toe and in the crystal white/collegiate green/off-white colorway. This model caught the attention of many players and non-players as these elements were considered technologically complex during that era.

In the 70s, Kareem Abdul-Jabar, one of the star players of the NBA, used the Superstar on the court which hurled its stardom in the basketball shoe market. Since then, countless NBA players followed suit and sported the Adidas Superstar in their best games.

In the 80s, American hip-hop group called Run DMC were seen donning the Superstar in most of their gigs, thus expanding its popularity from the b-ball courts to the street fashion. This all-boy hip-hop group showed so much adoration to the Three Stripes and religiously seen wearing the 3-Stripes' merchandises to most of their public appearances.

The Run DMC created a fashion statement using the lace-less Superstar kick with the tongue pushed outwards. After their momentous concert in Madison Square Garden, when almost 40,000 audiences held their Adidas pieces up in the air after the Run DMC's request, the Adidas finally inked them an endorsement deal.

Fast forward to almost five decades, the Adidas Superstar has secured its iconic spot in the sneakers' world and tagged as one of the best sneakers of all times. This silhouette was re-introduced in 2015 under the Adidas Originals line and was included in the top 10 Best Shoes in the US concerning sales in 2016.

Just like all the iconic silhouettes, Adidas Superstar has undergone several revamping and collaborations to suit the specific needs of various consumers. One of it is the Adidas Superstar 80s Recon, which bears the classic look of the Superstar and updated as a premium version of its prototype. This modernized version is made of premium materials with the same thickness of the cupsole and rubber shell toe of the original version.

  • The Adidas Superstar silhouette is also dubbed as the 'Shell-Toe' by many sneaker insiders.
  • The rubber shell toe works as reinforcement and protection on the toe.
  • Perforation details are present for breathability.
  • It has Trefoil logo on the tongue and debossed Adidas Superstar typescript on the lateral side.
  • The easy to maintain rubber outsole provides durable and reliable traction.


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