Our verdict


The Stan Smith Vegan from Adidas is its attempt at moving the classic and timeless silhouette forward. At its core is its eco-friendly design, having more than 50% of its construction made from recycled materials. The result is a big win, using responsibly-sourced materials well, and retaining a lot of what people love about Stan Smiths.


  • Timeless look
  • All-day comfort
  • Can fit lots of styles and activities
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Can take a beating
  • Lightweight
  • Uses recycled materials
  • Great price


  • Decreased quality from original
  • Need for break-in

Who should buy the Adidas Stan Smith Vegan

The Adidas Stan Smith Vegan is perfect for those who:

  • Are looking for eco sneakers and want a functional, comfy, and beautiful shoe
  • Love Stan Smiths and want to see what the future holds for the sneaker
  • Want a summer sneaker that delivers amazing value for its price.

Adidas Stan Smith Vegan adidas-stan-smith-vegan-tongue

Who should not buy it

If you want Adidas Stan Smiths, particularly, one which uses high-end leather, try the Adidas Stan Smith Recon, they are an even more fashion-forward version of the classics, with even better comfort. The Adidas Stan Smith H gets you the same tennis-inspired style and amazing comfort, plus requires no break-in time.

The Stan Smith Vegan: A classic look brought forward

The vegan version of the Stan Smith keeps most of the aesthetics of the original, making it “mythical” according to those who have bought and worn the sneaker. Several never get tired of its design as a timeless classic, described by one as “totally simple yet ingenious”. One wearer found that the sneaker sometimes crossed the line of being an “eyecatcher” and went straight to “making people jealous."

Adidas Stan Smith Vegan adidas-stan-smith-vegan-laces

The sneaker looks great with anything from a sporty look to business casual, according to wearers, working well with jeans, pants, shorts, and dresses.

The Stan Smith Vegan provides functional comfort

Comfort is another thing that testers love about the shoe, attributing it to the soft insole, light weight, and support. One who absolutely loves it on their feet shared that they found them as the “comfiest shoes on the market” making them “sad when they had to take them off.”

Adidas Stan Smith Vegan adidas-stan-smith-vegan-heel-back

Functionally, Stan Smith Vegan wearers love the comfort of the shoe even in situations such as

  • Playing basketball
  • For work, having 12-hour shifts
  • Going traveling around for the summer holidays.

One reviewer even theorizes that they can run a marathon with them!

The Stan Smith Vegan is a pleasure to keep

The sneaker isn’t a headache to keep around, according to those who have been using them regularly. They found that the leather “keeps clean” being “dirt-repellent.” One recommended that a damp sponge was enough to keep them shiny.

Adidas Stan Smith Vegan adidas-stan-smith-vegan-upper2

Making them last long has also been hassle-free, with several of those who bought the shoe commenting that they can “withstand a lot.”

Imbue with you!

Several who purchased the sneaker were able to put in a part of themselves with Adidas allowing the personalization of the shoe with up to 8 letters. Those who availed called it the “greatest thing ever” adding a touch of them into the shoe’s design.

A wallet-friendly wonder

The Stan Smith Vegan retails at $85 making it lower than the average price of a Stan Smith sneaker at $110. Several reviewers found the sneaker “a good inexpensive product” with “very good value for money.”

Adidas Stan Smith Vegan adidas-stan-smith-vegan-sole

The Stan Smith Vegan vs OG

Several Stan Smith fanatics found some differences from the original. The vegan construction of the shoe was appreciated by some, loving the eco-responsibility of the sneaker. In terms of aesthetics, one reviewer loved the use of the branding stamp giving it a “much sleeker look.” 

Adidas Stan Smith Vegan adidas-stan-smith-vegan-emblem

However, several of Stan Smith’s loyalists found themselves missing the genuine leather version of the shoe, noting that they can feel “the drop in quality” and wishing they got the originals that has better comfort and durability.

Adidas Stan Smith Vegan adidas-stan-smith-vegan-texture

The Stan Smith Vegan needs breaking-in

At first wear, those who purchased the shoe found that “it kept hurting the back of [their] heel.” Relief seemed to come fast though, with several commenting that “after one week, they are impeccable.”