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The Adidas Stan Smith Primeblue is an eco-sneaker that is a breath of fresh air for the timeless Stan Smith silhouette. It upgrades the standard Stan Smith's aesthetics by adding subtle elements that even loyalists enjoy. Beyond that, it is able to bring out the best from the recycled materials it uses that create an incredibly satisfying experience.


  • Creative new elements
  • Brilliant colorways
  • Amazing for summers
  • Uses recycled materials
  • Comfy for walks
  • Lightweight
  • Good value for money


  • Difficult to maintain
  • Not for wide feet

Who should buy the Adidas Stan Smith Primeblue

The Adidas Stan Smith Primeblue is perfect for those who:

Adidas Stan Smith Primeblue adidas-stan-smith-primeblue-tip

Who should not buy it

The regular Adidas Stan Smith works if you’re looking for a classic minimalist tennis shoe that fits wider feet. For a Stan Smith with a fashionable twist, the Adidas x Pharell Williams Stan Smith brings Stan Smith aesthetics to the next level while being easier to clean.

The Adidas Stan Smith Primeblue: A fresh and new perspective

Stan Smith loyalists noticed and appreciated the subtle differences the sneaker had versus the original Stan Smiths. One of them mentioned that both the canvas and gum sole of this variation “give a cool twist to the usual leather versions,” while another liked the texture differences between the sneakers.

Adidas Stan Smith Primeblue adidas-stan-smith-primeblue-heeltop

At the core of its design is its use of recycled materials. Several fans of the sneaker loved it for that reason, praising “the great style and great cause,” being amazed that the sneakers “are actually helping to clean up the world's oceans,” and thinking that its construction is “totally RAD.”

The Adidas Stan Smith Primeblue has crisp and clean colors

The colors of the shoe are one of its highlights, according to its fans. They raved all about their colorways, including the:

  • “hip royal blue accents” of the Semi Night Flash colorway
  • the perfect level of subtlety in the Green / Cloud White colorway
  • the vibrant blue-on-gray colorway
  • the great looks of the orange-on-black colorway

Adidas Stan Smith Primeblue adidas-stan-smith-primeblue-heelback

The Disney / King Triton collaboration on these was especially praised, for how “awesomely subtle the Disney design is,” with one fan saying that they think “the King of the Sea himself would be quite pleased.”

The Adidas Stan Smith Primeblue is the perfect summer sneaker

Several wearers look forward to having these on during the summers. Regarding the shades used, one of them praised the sneaker’s “pop of color for the summer.” On top of that, another mentioned that the cream / off-white color “goes with a lot of clothes, especially for the summer.”

Adidas Stan Smith Primeblue adidas-stan-smith-primeblue-tongueside

Beyond that, several couldn’t stop talking about how breathable the sneaker was. The upper was the reason for this, with one wearer praising the canvas for being perfect for warmer months.

The Adidas Stan Smith Primeblue makes walks light and easy

While testers of the sneaker do not recommend it for serious tennis or heavier activities, several say that they work great for casual walking, a day at the beach, and all-day wear.

The comfort of the sneaker has been described by a few as “surprisingly comfortable.” One person who loved the look of the sneaker said that “it doesn’t compromise on comfort.” Testers attributed their impressions to its light weight, its thick insole, and its very comfortable Primeblue knit material.

Adidas Stan Smith Primeblue adidas-stan-smith-primeblue-soletip

In addition to all of these, it had no break-in period for a few wearers, one of whom walked 6km on their first outing with the sneaker.

The Adidas Stan Smith Primeblue is priced reasonably

The Adidas Stan Smith Primeblue retails at $90 matching the regular Stan Smiths price. Several say that they are a good investment, with one saying it was at a “fair price” while another mentioned that “if you were on the fence, it’s worth it.”

Adidas Stan Smith Primeblue adidas-stan-smith-primeblue-heelside

The Adidas Stan Smith Primeblue is tough to clean

The canvas upper was difficult to maintain for longtime users of the sneaker. A few found that they do get dirty easily, while one tester found that “they cannot be wiped off with a rag like the classic version.” A couple of sneakerheads found that spraying water and dirt repellent has worked great for them so far.

Adidas Stan Smith Primeblue adidas-stan-smith-primeblue-topupper

The Adidas Stan Smith Primeblue is not for wide feet

The Adidas Stan Smith was found to not fit wide-footers so well. One of them had to return their pair because of their wide feet, while another found that they were “too narrow for the average male.”