Our verdict


The Stan Smith H from Adidas strives to perfect the classic silhouette while also taking it back to its roots. It is well-crafted down to the details, feeling more like an experience rather than just a shoe. Combining luxury and vintage, the sneaker spurred awe from sneakerheads and nostalgia from OG Stan Smith users.


  • Topnotch quality
  • Vintage yet polished aesthetic
  • Attracts repeat buyers
  • Good cushioning
  • Great to wear off the box
  • Breathable
  • Grippy sole


  • Synthetic-leather tongue
  • Higher price point

Who should buy the Adidas Stan Smith H

The Adidas Stan Smith H is perfect for those who:

Who should not buy it

If you want a premium Stan Smith sneaker that uses quality leather even in the tongue of the shoe, try the Adidas Stan Smith Recon. The regular Adidas Stan Smith works if you want a more wallet-friendly sneaker.

The Adidas Stan Smith H has the quality of the highest caliber

Upon wearing them, Stan Smith aficionados felt a noticeable difference between them and the regular Stan Smiths. One described them as “far superior than the standard range,” while a loyalist who “owned countless pairs” over the years described it as “elevated and luxe.”  

Another pointed out what they found special about this pair, identifying the leather as a “cut above” and “so supple,” and the details being spot on. Somebody who has bought and worn the shoe summarized their sentiments, saying that “the Stan Smith is a classic but this variant is class.” A few liked the quality so much, they already bought extras in case stocks run out!

The Adidas Stan Smith H has amazing vintage visuals

The clean and stylish look of the Stan Smith is well-established by now, but it’s the intricate details of this variant that caught the interest of sneakerheads. One pointed out that the heel of the sneaker “looks and feels like the old wrap used in tennis racquets from way back.” A few loved the fact that it didn’t have any branding on it, needing only the iconic silhouette that has made it a classic.

Even the finer parts of the shoe were noticed. The alternate laces with “nice copper ends” on them were praised by one fan, saying that it is “a small detail, but really adds to the design.” While the hexagonally-shaped outer sole was praised by another as vintage-looking.

Despite the already popular silhouette, regular wearers still describe them as “showstoppers” and get a lot of compliments. 

The Adidas Stan Smith H is luxury that can be felt

The comfort of the shoe was said by testers to be a notch above regular Stan Smiths. One pointed out that this was possible because of the “nice thick leather” and comfy sole. 

Commenters found them neither too wide nor too narrow, being a great fit and easy to wear for many. One even mentioned that it required no break-in, being “super comfortable right out of the box.”

The Adidas Stan Smith H is not just for show

Several of those who have worn them out praised the functionality of the shoe, particularly:

  • Breathability due to the upper’s leather
  • Good arch support
  • Grippy sole that has “the best” traction in hard courts.


While the quality of the shoe was generally praised, a few noticed that the tongue was made of synthetic leather. This realization led to one saying that while they liked the quality of the shoe, they disliked “the tongue which isn’t to the same standard as the uppers.”

Peak quality comes at a cost

The Adidas Stan Smith H retails at $150 making it significantly more expensive than a regular Stan Smith at $90. Those who bought the shoe thought it was worth it though, saying that they were “worth the pay.”