Who should buy the Adidas Stan Smith Golf

What the Stan Smith Golf dishes out is style and substance in full force. Buy it if:

  • You want a responsibly-made pair that promotes walking and swinging stability.
  • Golf shoes that look elegant and clean easily are what you prefer.
  • You wish to express your old-school self with a pair of removable lace flaps.
  • Spikeless kicks take priority on your list, particularly vegan-friendly ones.

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Who should NOT buy it

If you need an easy-to-find golf shoe with a more forgiving fit, opt for the Adidas ZG21. And if you're into kicks that come in a number of expressive colorways, trade the Stan Smith Golf for the Nike Air Max 90 G.

Adidas Stan Smith Golf colors

The Stan Smith Golf’s eye-opening comfort

Reviewers in droves are madly in love with the plushness of the Adidas Stan Smith Golf. "Ultra comfortable" and "flat-out comfortable" are two of the most compelling comments about it.

For context, the latter remark was made by a trusted critic who didn't really expect said shoe to be that comfortable but was completely floored once he experienced for himself the Stan Smith Golf's incredible comfort. "My eyes were opened," he added.

Adidas Stan Smith Golf comf

Walk and swing with cranked-up tenacity

Adhesion-related comments are abundant about the Adidas Stan Smith Golf, from "brilliant grip" to "didn't slip at all" to "excellent in the traction department." It really does stick like glue!

Adidas Stan Smith Golf grip

Won't make you wobble

With comments such as "very stable in the golf swing" and "great balance and support," the Stan Smith Golf can be considered remarkable on the stability front. This kick is ideal on bumpy courses, giving you surefootedness, whether while you're keeping your stance or walking.

Adidas Stan Smith Golf stab

But it's a tad narrow around the forefoot

Adidas fans find the Stan Smith Golf rather restrictive at the toe box. It's "a little bit narrow in the front," says an experienced golfer. "Way too narrow around my toes," says another player who reluctantly had to return his pair.

Adidas Stan Smith Golf narrow

The Adidas Stan Smith Golf's polarizing water protection

Controversy surrounds the Stan Smith Golf when it comes to waterproofing. On the one hand, some players find it quite effective in wet conditions, with one saying that the shoe is "completely waterproof." On the other hand, there are those who are not as convinced. Case in point, one golfer says that "the shoe leaks water like a colander."

Very competitive price-wise

At first glance, you can be led to believe that the Stan Smith Golf has an exorbitant price (that's how premium it looks!), but that couldn't be further from the truth. Fact: This Adidas must-have sells for no more than $120, undercutting the average price of golf shoes by $20. For such affordable kicks, click here.

Adidas gives back to Mother Earth

Golf players love the fact that the Adidas Stan Smith Golf is made with recycled materials. Engineered with Primegreen, this athletic footwear has no virgin polyester.

A vegan advocate

Not only is the Adidas Stan Smith Golf eco-friendly, but it's also animal-free. Indeed, this spikeless golf shoe is vegan-friendly, which many golfers appreciate these days.

An exemplar of elegance

If there's one thing that's truly mind-blowing about the Adidas Stan Smith Golf, it has to be its elegant aesthetics. Scores of non-professional reviewers are simply impressed with the featured shoe's simple yet head-turning aesthetics. Their praises are reflected in the following accolades:

  • "Brilliant design."
  • "The coolest-looking retro-inspired shoe around."
  • "Killer looks."
  • "Super cool blast from the past!"
  • "Soooo attractive."

Also, an expert describes the Stan Smith Golf's looks as "just awesome." He even felt the strong urge to wear the featured shoe outside the golf course once.

Not a chore to clean

This classy golfing kick is very easy to clean, according to testers. They say its water-protective coating doesn't absorb splashes and wet debris, making ridding the Stan Smith Golf of dirt and the like a breeze.

A Stan Smith Golf that'll make you moo!

Yes, a limited edition Stan Smith Golf is in circulation, and it's absolutely cow-razy! What we're talking about is the cow-print model, complete with a bovine-speckled midsole and pink outsole. This variant was made in celebration of the Ryder Cup host state back in 2021.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 14.4oz
Outsole: Spikeless
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Material: Synthetic Upper
Closure: Laces
Style: Athletic
BRAND Brand: Adidas

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