489 users: 3.7 / 5
14 experts: 66 / 100
Terrain: Road
Weight: Men 13.1oz / Women 12oz
Heel to toe drop: Men 0mm / Women 0mm
Arch support: Neutral

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7 reasons to buy

  • The 16 polymer blades are an eye-catching design unlike any other.
  • The Springbade 3.0 comes in different color schemes for exceptional variety.
  • Some runners noted that it has decent propulsion.
  • Several runners loved the comfort that the Adidas Springblade 3.0 offers.
  • A few testers liked its flexibility.
  • The Springblade 3.0 is ready for a run right out of the box, based on the observation of a handful of runners.
  • It looks great according to some reviews.

4 reasons not to buy

  • An ounce or two off of the weighing scale would have made the Springblade 3.0 more appealing, performance-wise.
  • It is expensive.
  • Runs a bit small.
  • Accidental contact with the blades may cut the runner.

Bottom line

Adidas’ use of a mechanical midsole is something that has been done before. What makes the Springblade series stand out is how aesthetically-pleasing the 16 blades are. Most of the runners did not find any dramatic difference in this concept, which still means great, but douses cold water on the company’s claim of unmatched propulsion. The Springblade 3.0 is a neutral running shoe that has sufficient arch support, superior comfort, and out of this world fashion style.

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Expert reviews:

  • True to the legacy of its predecessor, the Springblade 3.0 from Adidas exhibits a very unique look that’s visually appealing. The sole unit of this Adidas running shoe doesn’t have a traditional foam system to provide cushioning and springiness; it actually has ‘blades’ that serve as mechanisms of support and protection for the foot. They are even able to propel the runner forward because of their springy nature.
  • The runner is treated to a sock-like fit that’s comfortable and secure. The interior sleeve hugs the foot in a non-irritating way, keeping it feeling like it’s only wearing socks that are easy on the skin.
  • The upper unit uses fabrics that are breathable. The open construction of these fabrics keeps the foot dry and cool all the time. They follow the movements of the foot, and they prevent chafing or blistering. The runner is sure to remain secure and free from any discomfort during the running session.
  • The mid-sole unit of this running shoe also acts as its outsole. These are the 16 polymer blades that act as the replacement of the traditional foam units that serve as the main cushioning systems of most running shoes. They are very responsive, even acting as propelling boards that spring the foot forward with every step.
  • A comfortable foam sock liner adds immediate underfoot cushioning in order to keep the runner comfortable when taking each step. Made from high-quality material, this insole responsibly carries the foot and keeps it safe from discomfort when landing the foot on the ground. It’s not too thick and it’s flexible.

The Adidas Springblade 3.0 runs a bit smaller than the regular measurements. It is recommended to purchase one size larger in order to get the right length. The width of this shoe is medium, so it accommodates those with medium sized feet. Its semi-curved shape allows the natural curvature of the wearer’s foot to fit well into it.

While the Springblade technology acts as both the mid-sole and the outsole units of this running shoe, a durable rubber compound actually coats the ‘blades’. And just like the popular Adidas Duramo 9, it uses the ADIWEAR which is an anti-abrasive layer of protection, which shields the polymer blades from damage and wear.

The traditional mid-sole foam is absent in the Adidas Springblade 3.0. This running shoe utilizes 16 polymer blades that look like fins placed at the bottom of the shoe. Aside from bringing a unique aesthetic to this model, it actually serves as an efficient cushioning system. It carries the foot well, handles the landing impact and lifts the foot for a better step ahead.

An Ethylene vinyl acetate sock liner provides immediate underfoot support and cushioning. It makes sure that the running experience still yields a soft platform for the runner.

An external heel counter holds the heel in place, making sure that the runner won’t be able to feel any wiggly feeling when running. It’s also an efficient mechanism to prevent accidental shoe removals.

The Techfit is an upper technology that wraps around the foot in a snug and secure manner. A seamless design prevents skin irritation, blistering and chafing. The fabrics follow the natural shape of the foot and allow it to move naturally.

A secure lacing system holds the foot snugly and renders the fit more customizable. The shoelaces are made from high-quality material and they do not unravel easily.

The interior lining is smooth and easy on the skin. It is able to stave off moisture, keeping the interior chamber as dry as possible for the foot.

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