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Who is it for? This clay court-ready trainer is a good match for the following seekers:

  • beginners who desire a reasonably-priced and tech-packed court shoe to hone their tennis skills on clay
  • intermediate players who need a sleek trainer with an outrigger for added stability
  • experienced players who want a lightweight stability trainer with a low midsole profile for improved ground contact

Underside strength. The base of the shoe is toughened by Adiwear 6 technology that stretches over the medial forefoot. Such a high-abrasion slab of rubber is commonly used in advanced Adidas tennis shoes. It has the strength to take on repeated dragging and pounding on the court, thus putting more life to the footgear. 

Non-marking sole. Dirt doesn't easily get clogged along its wavy grooves so it leaves no mark on the court as well. However, this extremely wear-resistant rubber has the capacity to grip on clay, which enhances the maneuverability of the user.

Added toe shield. This athletic footwear is beefed up with the Adituff material around the forefoot that toe draggers can take advantage of. This added element prevents the tip and medial forefoot from getting smooth or bursting easily. 

Extended base. It bears an outrigger on the lateral forefoot side. This protruded section improves the capacity of the shoe to remain stable even during compromising shots. It widens the base and anchors the foot firmer to the ground. 

Underfoot cushioning. The middle slice is injected with the Bounce technology. This responsive foam with rubber unit is engineered to deliver energized cushioning from the time of heel strike until toe-off. It softens the impact so as to reduce foot, ankle, and joint discomforts. 

Midfoot support. A thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) supportive frame is added below the arch of the foot. It's responsible for thwarting unnecessary torsional rotation that can cause ankle and foot pain. 

Outer shell material. SoleMatch Bounce Clay is wrapped with textile and synthetic in mesh format. The combination of these abrasion-resistant components prevents the footwear from weighing down the foot. On the contrary, with such materials, the foot is given ample room to flex minus needed stiffness. it also prevents the foot from overheating as the matches extend by the hour. 

Lace-up closure. It features a unique lacing structure that's designed with double eyelets on each side. The main purpose of having this arrangement is to allow the user to cinch up the footwear to his desired fit while getting the vital lockdown feel. 

Latvian player Jelena Ostapenko is one of the pro tennis athletes supporting the Adidas SoleMatch Bounce line. 

Those eyeing for hardcourt-specific variation may consider the Adidas SoleMatch Bounce.


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