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12 reasons to buy

  • An overwhelming majority of the reviewers agree that the Adidas Samba MC provides superb comfort.
  • The shoe is easy to clean, according to a few purchasers.
  • A significant number of consumers find the pair to be stylish.
  • A handful of shoe users were happy they get lots of compliments on the shoe every time they wear it out.
  • Most of the wearers mentioned that it fits true to size.
  • It is very lightweight, said a couple of buyers. Some even added that the pair makes for a perfect traveling shoe because of its feather-like weight.
  • Several purchasers said that the Adidas Samba MC is budget-friendly.
  • Some find this kick to bring back memories because of the shoe line's long and rich history.
  • A few liked the fact that the shoe's upper is made from canvas because it's more breathable compared to its predecessor's leather upper.
  • The shoe is versatile and easy to pair with everyday clothes.
  • It is available in a variety of colorways.
  • One reviewer especially liked the brown sole opposed to the white sole because, according to him, it isn't apparent when the shoe is already dirty.

4 reasons not to buy

  • A handful noted that the shoe's color tends to fade faster than they expected.
  • Most wearers disliked that the shoe's white heel tab isn't securely stitched down. It is fluttering around and, in turn, makes it feel a bit cheap.
  • Some didn't like the canvas upper and said it doesn't feel as durable as its predecessor.
  • A few mentioned that it wears quite quickly.

Bottom line

The Adidas Samba MC comes from a very long line of great shoes. This version comes with a canvas upper that, just like everything, has its pros and cons. The pro: the canvas makes for a lighter and more breathable shoe, and the con: it's not as sturdy and durable as its predecessor's leather upper.

This shoe is recommended for people who love an affordable casual retro-looking shoe. This kick's history, comfort, and style at a budget-friendly price could be all you need to cop a pair.

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Good to know

The Adidas Samba MC is exclusively available in men's sizing which ranges from 7 to 15. Women who would like to cop can go 1.5 sizes down from their standard size.

The shoe generally runs true to size, but a significant number of purchasers said that it could run a bit narrow. Fitting the pair in person is best recommended.

The Adidas Samba MC is a timeless and stylish shoe. Its low-top profile and minimal design make it an easy shoe to style. Pair it with your casual staples like jeans and a shirt for a laidback day or dress it up in chinos and a polo shirt for days when you feel the need to be a bit more dashing.

The Adidas Samba MC retains its predecessor's classic sporty silhouette but now comes with a canvas upper. The canvas material provides a more breathable and lightweight comfort. A T-toe suede overlay offers added protection and structure to the shoe.

The Adidas Samba was first released in the year 1950. It was initially made from full-grain Kangaroo leather with a reinforced suede trim. The shoe was created to help soccer players to train on icy and hard terrains. The athletes used a spike-soled version of the Samba, which helped them win the World Cup in 1954.

The Samba's low-cut silhouette and monochromatic colors had a charm cool enough to wear even off the field. It has since been engraved in popular culture from being the footwear choice of the 70s Liverpool soccer casuals subculture to releasing a Def Jam Anniversary edition in 2009.

The Adidas Samba is the brand's oldest shoe in continuous production and has received countless reinterpretations throughout the years. But it is incredible how these reiterations have never swayed too far from the original's design. The brand has kept the Samba line close to its design roots and remains relevant to this day.

Today, the Samba enjoys its popularity, and multiple celebrities have been spotted rocking them. Rihanna, Kristen Stewart, Justin Timberlake, Freddie Mercury, and Ellen DeGeneres are just a few of them.

In 2017, Adidas released a canvas iteration of this classic and called it the Samba MC. It promotes a lighter and more breathable version of the Samba.

  • The shoe is available in D – Medium width.
  • It is inspired by indoor soccer.
  • Its insoles are removable.
  • The Adidas Samba MC comes with one extra pair of laces.
  • As of 2012, 35 million pairs of Samba have been reportedly sold.
  • It is said to be the next best-selling shoe of Adidas, next to the Stan Smiths.
  • The shoe is somehow being compared to Convers Chuck Taylor due to its canvas upper.
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