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7 reasons to buy

  • The low top Adidas Samba FB’s vintage silhouette was considered by many as stunning, lovely and stylish. One even thought that this version looked better than the regular Samba models.
  • Some were awestruck with its superbly made and hard-wearing construction as well as high-quality materials. The suede looked outstanding, according to another user.
  • A few especially liked the subtle details featured on this model. These include the gold branding, the nubuck tongue and the heel stitching
  • Many were pleased that the Samba FB ran according to size.
  • Comfort-wise, it managed to satisfy most users. One particularly liked its cushy insole.
  • Several colorways are up for grabs.
  • It is priced right.

1 reasons not to buy

  • Some of the hues looked different in person. At least one reported that the blue-colored Adidas Samba FB appeared to be too bright.

Bottom line

Universally recognized, the Adidas Samba, over 65 years ago, embarked on a journey to be exceptional. Now a household name among many sneaker enthusiasts, soccer fanatics and even celebrities, majority perceive this work an epitome of timeless classic.

The Adidas Samba FB, a variation made of premium suede, satisfied its fans with no trouble with its retro styling not to mention its exceptional quality materials and well-crafted construction. A definite steal, fans are able to enjoy all its positive attributes for a reasonable price.


Base model: Adidas Samba
Top: Low
Inspired from: Football
Collection: Adidas Samba
Price: $100
Colorways: Beige, Black, Blue, Purple
Special editions: 9 special editions
Small True to size Large
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A top rated sneaker
A top rated Adidas sneaker
It has never been more popular than this April

Soccer cleat-inspired, ample support, and stability with enough wiggle room for the toes can be expected from this sports turned lifestyle sneaker’s all-suede upper. Its low-top profile also offers unrestricted ankle movement. Available in men’s sizes 4-14, sneaker queens need not hesitate to get a pair a full size smaller than their average choice.

The low-top Adidas Samba FB is an easy pick for those who value style and comfort. Released in both neutral and bright shades, its ingenious  Adidas low-profile styling complements with a medley of outfits. Jeans and shorts, though, top the list. While its top-grade all-suede upper overlaid with plushy waxed suede gives this old-school kick a refined look, it also makes it even more appealing not only to the retro-loving crowd but also to the forward-thinking trendsetters.

This version, like its forerunners, adopts the familiar rubber gum outsole for a retro vibe. Grippy and durable, wearers without a doubt will remain pleased with the amount of traction this supplies. While its T-toe overlay and Samba logo in gold are reminiscent of its ancestor’s silhouette, the mid-length, rippled nubuck tongue and heel with contrast-colored stitching, simple as they are, define this shoe’s overall look.

Back in the year 1950’s, Adidas founder Adi Dassler developed a soccer cleat that can clasp impressively well on icy turf. Known as the Adidas Samba, this high-performance sneaker gained the admiration of soccerers with its grippy gum outsole as well as durable full-grain kangaroo leather upper that is reinforced with the brand’s most recognizable logo - the Three Stripes.

From the frozen pitches, this sneaker, later on, became the shoe-of-choice of indoor players. Esteemed for its function, its simple, no-frills silhouette, however, granted this sports footwear ease of entry into the realm of fashion sneakers.

To date, the Samba is among the most coveted of all of Adidas creations. Still widely produced, the brand ascertained that its myriad of variations kept its predecessor’s DNA intact. The Adidas Samba FB, among this model’s popular versions, retains the familiar, well-loved “Samba-look.” The minimal detailing added on its silhouette, although muted and understated, however, sets this shoe apart from the rest of its kind.  

  • Fit can be customized with the help of the lace-up closure. This includes flat laces.
  • Gold foil “Trefoil” logo is displayed on the tongue for additional branding.
  • Option to personalize is available on the manufacturer’s site. This gives the buyer capability to add a name, number, hashtag, flag or team on both or either the right and left shoe for an additional cost.


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