Who should buy the Adidas S2G Boa

The Adidas S2G Boa is a responsibly made golf shoe at a within-reach asking price. Purchase it if: 

  • Getting a dialed-in fit with just one hand sounds exciting for you.
  • You've been looking for spiked golf shoes that look and feel like sneakers.
  • Shoes made with recycled materials are what you prefer.

Adidas S2G Boa buya

Who should not buy it

If variety in hues is a big deal for you, check out the Adidas Response Bounce. Also, with no reported issues with its tongue, the Footjoy Tour X is a fine alternative to the S2G Boa.

Adidas S2G Boa no

An overload of plushness

Numerous female golfers are amazed by the comfort level of the Adidas S2G Boa. One of them says that she feels like "walking on air" in this shoe. Another one says that it's "soft for players who prefer walking."

Adidas S2G Boa comf

On-and-off convenience in the Adidas S2G Boa

The featured shoe's Boa closure makes getting a dialed-in fit and on and off a cinch. Players fan-girl about this with comments like "Boa system is the best" and "love the Boa closure." One experienced golfer says that she gets "a perfect fit every time!" in just a few clicks.

Adidas S2G Boa boaa

Adaptable fit in every pair

With remarks such as "they fit like a glove" and "like they're made for me," the Adidas S2G Boa is quite enticing fit-wise. But here's the better news: wide-footed golf players also find the shoe's confines quite accommodating.

Adidas S2G Boa fit

A thing of beauty

Despite lacking in color variety, the S2G Boa is still adored by many for its sporty-yet-elegant looks. The following are their hot takes on it:

  • "Beaaauuutiful in person."
  • "Fab shoes."
  • "Very stylish."

Adidas S2G Boa style

Wobble-free walks in the Adidas S2G Boa

A grippy and supportive golfing experience awaits those who would invest in this Adidas shoe. A golfer says that her S2G Boas "give lots of support," empowering her to keep walking and swinging for another round.

Adidas S2G Boa suppa

Shielding in wet weather

Staying moisture-free in damp conditions is part of the Adidas S2G Boa's A-game. And because its Boa system uses strings for laces, nothing will get soaked on the shoe as you cut through all sorts of wet stuff on the course.

Adidas S2G Boa watertight

S2G Boa: Inexpensive and eco-friendly 

The S2G Boa is one of those shoes that sell for cheap (its list price is just $100) while packing some serious features—a "win-win," according to an experienced golf player. The shoe in question is also part of Adidas' efforts to help the environment. Its waterproof shell, after all, is made with 50% recycled materials.

Adidas S2G Boa eco

A tongue that won't stay centered

It has been reported that the S2G Boa's tongue tends to shift sideways a bit. This issue results in giving some wearers a bit of pressure wherever the Boa knob chooses to lean.

Facts / Specs

Base model: Adidas S2G
Outsole: Spikeless
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Material: Synthetic Upper
Closure: BOA
Style: Athletic
BRAND Brand: Adidas

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