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A time-travel experience of sorts, the Retropy E5 from Adidas, is a spinoff of the Adidas Iniki. This throwback '70s running-inspired sneaker gets even tastier with a squishy Boost sole. It marries style and comfort in a reasonably-priced package, making it worth squeezing into anyone's sneaker rotation.


  • Incredibly cushioned
  • Quick break-in
  • Easy to mix and match
  • Lightweight
  • Superb quality
  • Charming throwback appeal
  • Grippy


  • Squeaky
  • Tad tight
  • Long tongue
  • Lacks breathability

Who should buy the Adidas Retropy E5

You'll find this kick under the Adidas Originals worth adding to your rotation if:

  • you are drawn to the running-inspired and retro look
  • you are after cushiony shoes you can wear all-day
  • you prefer a fashionable style that's pairable with lots of clothes

Adidas Retropy E5 front

Who should NOT buy it

If tight-fitting sneakers are an issue for you, try jumping into the wide sneaker options. The Adidas Matchbreak Super might just work for you.

If you want a ventilated sneak, check out the breathable options or the best summer pickups. One of the shoes worth checking is the Adidas Rivalry Low.

Adidas Retropy E5 breathability

Unquestionable cloud-like feel

Walking on streets and practically anywhere in the city feels comfy, thanks to its bouncy Boost sole, which gives a cushy underfoot feel. It's as heavenly as the ZX 2K sneakers.

Adidas Retropy E5 cushioned

Comfortable straight from the box

There is no need for a break-in as it feels so comfy from day one. 

Adidas Retropy E5 comfy kick

Pairs with lots of streetwear clothes

It's one of the retro running sneakers that go well with casual to sporty wear. It's that stylish. 

Adidas Retropy E5 style

Not heavy at all

There's no need to drag this down the street. Despite the chunky wedge sole, this shoe feels light. 

Adidas Retropy E5 light

No scrimping in quality

Sneaker fanatics say the use of soft suede and premium nylon on the cover put a lot of value on it. 

Adidas Retropy E5 upper

Retropy E5 is a blast from the past

This upgraded version of the Inikis (i5923) offers a good blend of old meets modern style. But, it comes with a tongue that is longer than the standard size that it tends to rub against the instep. It also makes the shoe even warmer than expected. 

Adidas Retropy E5 iniki like

One squeaky sneak

The lug pattern on the outsole prevents unnecessary slipping. That said, its rubber sole tends to create noise, drawing unwanted attention when walking. 

Adidas Retropy E5 lugs

It's a bit squeezy too

Broad-footed users find its build from the toe box to the midfoot narrower than expected. Its nylon cover isn't stretchy too. 

Adidas Retropy E5 squeezy