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  • Running across many types of terrain is much easier with the Adidas Pure Boost X ATR. This running shoe features a set of high-quality components and technologies, which work together in order to provide a sure and responsive performance. It also has a sleek design that caters to the modern tastes of contemporary runners.
  • The upper unit of this Adidas running shoe makes use of seamless construction. It removes skin irritation, which might cause some discomfort and alteration to the performance on the paths. The print on this section is reflective; it makes it easier for wearers to stay visible in low-light conditions.
  • The Boost™ is a high-quality material that’s made up of thousands of cushioning beads. When compacted, they turn into a comfortable component on which the foot can stand. The sock liner has been molded to accommodate the contours of the underfoot. It delivers additional cushioning to the arch, which isn’t usually cushioned.
  • The outsole unit of the Adidas Pure Boost X ATR has a rubber material that stretches and adapts to the performance of the wearer. It gives suitable traction on the surfaces. It’s even shaped like winter tires, delivering additional traction and control on soft and uneven terrain.

The Adidas Pure Boost X ATR has a standard running shoe length. The sizing scheme follows the regular measurements. It has a medium width, so it is able to accommodate those with medium sized feet. Its semi-curved shape follows the natural curve of the human foot.

Similar to its popular counterpart, the Adidas Pure Boost, the Pure Boost X ATR uses the STRETCHWEB for its outsole.  This is a rubber material that’s elastic and it doesn’t make the platform stiff or unwieldy. Its sticky nature allows the underside of the sole unit to hold onto the ground with ease. It also works with the mid-sole foam as it delivers responsive performance to the wearer.

The ATR outsole design of this external layer allows it to function well on uneven terrain. It holds onto soft and rugged terrain with ease.

The Boost™ is a high-quality foam material that’s developed from the amalgamation of tiny cushioning pellets. The whole unit provides reliable underfoot cushioning that’s responsive and comfortable. It doesn’t sag or lose integrity easily, making it efficient even after many uses.

A molded sock liner has been added to the Adidas Pure Boost X ATR, as a means to provide additional cushioning to the underside of the foot. It’s been molded to support the contours of the foot-pad, basically including them in its cushioning purpose.

The techfit® technology makes use of a soft yet supportive material that engulfs the foot snugly. It is like a sock, so it allows the wearer to actually use this shoe even without putting on socks first. It’s flexible and it doesn’t limit the movement capability of the runner.

Reflective materials make the Adidas Pure Boost X ATR more visible in low-light conditions. It’s a helpful mechanism that enables runners to go out and perform safely at night.


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