Our verdict


Adidas Puig is ready to take on the abuses of skateboarding while keeping the foot protected. It has enhanced durability, support, and comfort for more enjoyable, uninterrupted sessions with your board. This performance-oriented shoe is good to go straight from the box and lets you stay focused on your tricks rather than your shoe.


  • Durable upper
  • Premium quality
  • Excellent board control
  • Remarkable supportive underfoot
  • Secure fit at the heel
  • Protected laces
  • Quick break-in


  • Not for extra bulky feet
  • Insufficient breathability

Who should buy the Adidas Puig

The Adidas Puig drew its design from the football-oriented Adidas Samba, which revels in its high-end French fashion and skate-specific elements. Buy it if:

  • You're a rookie or a pro skater who wants a well-fitting sneaker from the box.
  • A combination of support and board maneuverability is what you need in a skate-oriented shoe.
  • Sneakers that last for many months are what you're after.

Adidas Puig A

Who should not buy it

Trade the Puig for the Adidas Busenitz Vulc 2 if you prefer something that fits wider feet. You might also be better off wearing the Adidas 3MC Vulc if you need something extra breathable.

Adidas Puig no

A shell that lasts

Multi-level skaters laud the high-grade suede on the Adidas Puig. It doesn't thin out easily, they say.

Adidas Puig dura

Adidas Puig: Formidable on the board

Skateboarders enjoy using this shoe for hours on end as it grants excellent board control.

Adidas Puig B

The Puig's instant glove-like hug

There are those who say that the shoe's well-padded heel zone hugs the foot snugly. As a cherry on top, this heel-locking fit is available straight from the box.

Adidas Puig heel

Somewhat tight around the instep

Its thickly made cover tends to cause a bit of pressure around the instep zone.

Adidas Puig C

Mighty supportive

Frequent board users say it grants excellent support and security.

Adidas Puig support

Exemplary construction

Wearers consider this shoe among the front-runners in the area of craftsmanship.

Says no to frayed shoestrings

Its hidden laces allow users to skate hard without worrying about their shoelaces getting frayed easily.

Adidas Puig laces

Might leave your feet soaked

There are those who find the Adidas Puig not very breathable.

Adidas Puig: A skate-ready, Samba-esque kick

Rookies and pro skaters are in for a treat with the Adidas Puig, the third upgrade to Lucas Puig’s skate line. This Samba-esque shoe demonstrates French skater Puig’s maturity and mastery of the sport with attributes that are almost synonymous with perfection.

What did it get right?

  • Its tapered front allows users to improve on their kickflips.
  • A thin layer of cushioning at the front that thickens on the heel offers comfort and improved maneuverability.
  • The shoe's midfoot area keeps the foot in place.
  • The multi-tread pattern allows users to stick to the board while performing certain kickflips.
  • Its thickly built rubber sole is resilient to grip tape abuse.
  • As part of the brand's sustainable efforts, some variations come with uppers using recycled materials.


  • The Puig's eyelet flaps hide the most vulnerable parts of the shoe's laces, shielding them from abrasive hazards.
  • Its reinforced suede cover replaces the rip-prone mesh material used in older Adidas Lucas models. This update improves the shoe's longevity.