Who should buy the Adidas Predator Pulse

The Adidas Predator Pulse from at least two decades ago is back and it's great, especially for the following:

  • Fans of the original Predator Pulse
  • Modern players who want a classic look without jeopardizing performance
  • Really rich buyers who have a lot to spare

Who should NOT buy the Predator Pulse from Adidas

Those who are on a tight budget are definitely not going to be fond of the Adidas Predator Pulse. They can check out our list of cheaper options from Adidas and other brands.

Players who want high levels of support and lockdown might also find this shoe lacking. The Predator Pulse still needs a pair of grip socks for it to work well.

A balanced grip and sleek design

The could be the most playable Adidas Predator remake to date! Among all the Adidas Predators that flooded the market, the Pulse perhaps is the most fun to play in.

It has a sleek design and it truly looks like a modernized cleat. A balanced grip on the ball, that's what you get from the Predator Pulse

Predator Pulse delivers on stickiness and control

Compared to the Adidas Predator Freak, the Pulse provided a more balanced mix of stickiness and control over the ball.

The stitches on the K-leather upper really made a difference this time.

A minor gripe on the 3-striped design

Several reviewers wrote that the only slight complaint we have over the design is the 3 stripes accented across the sole, and around the boot.

Now, the issue is that the heel plate gets in the way on the outsole. However, aside from the high price tag, it's only a minor gripe. The overall design still looks incredible.

Soft and comfortable

You can never go wrong with K-leather, can you? The upper was made of premium kangaroo leather, and it was expectedly soft and comfortable.

Playing in this shoe was indeed a pleasant experience.

Light as a feather!

The Adidas Predator Pulse was so light we felt as if we were not wearing anything.

The softness of the leather upper also contributed greatly to this awesome feel.

The Adidas Predator Pulse can improve on support, tho

The wide opening of the shoe and the slippery heel liner are not too helpful when it comes to support and lockdown. The laces really have to be tied up to the highest lace hole if stability is desired.

But still, writes one critic, one of the best football cleats for midfielders out there is the Adidas Predator Pulse.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 9.2oz
Top: Low
Surface: Firm Ground
Collection: Adidas Predator
Lacing System: Laced
BRAND Brand: Adidas
Release date: Sep 2021

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