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  • Adidas promises remarkable control with its current Predator lineup. With this goal, Adidas have featured notable technologies in the series focused on ball handling.
  • The Adidas Predator 18.3 AG, for one, is designed with notable ridges on its Structured Primemesh upper that aids in creating distinct friction on strike zones. The mesh-based material is textured with Control embossing that reinforces the touch on the ball. These two control elements produce a form-fitting sensation that is engineered to wrap the foot snugly.
  • Another comfort element present in the boot is the sock-like collar that extends to the center, above the laces. It has a similar angled cut with the higher end silos of the Predator line.
  • For its outsole, a TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) plate is installed through injection molding to guarantee durability. It offers a much stable sensation that is engineered for synthetic grass traction, alongside with the traditional AG studs configuration.

The Adidas Predator 18.3 AG is available in standard sizes in men’s version only. It is recommended by the majority to go for a half size up due to its form-fitting sensation coming from the sock-like collar and the Primemesh. The lace-up enclosure aids in producing a more snug feel tailored to one’s preferred fit.

The soleplate of the Predator 18.3 AG is built with a TPU material processed through injection moulding. It is designed to produce a stabilized sensation that reduces pressure in the footbed.

A traditional Adidas artificial grass stud configuration is featured in the soleplate of the Predator 18.3 AG. It is the same pattern seen in the artificial grass boots of the Ace series.

A total of 21 hollowed conical studs make up the pattern. Three sizes of studs are arranged to produce the appropriate grip for a synthetic surface, without creating too much drag.

A structured Primemesh material dominantly forms the upper of the Predator 18.3 AG. It is textured with Control embossing. These control elements create a sensation that is almost identical to the Ace 17.3 boots. They were also engineered for the same purpose, which is to enhance ball touch.

A smoother non-embossed synthetic material covers the lower midfoot through the heel. The signature Predator logo is printed in this particular area.

A sock-like material for the ankle collar extends to the middle of the boot. The extension replaces the traditional tongue area seen in the older models of the Predator line. Its angled cut is identical to the Predator 18+ collar which is slightly raised at the back.

The Predator 18.3 AG has an internal heel counter engineered with a molded construction.

The artificial grass cleat is enclosed by a lacing system that sits above the sock extension.

  • The football boot is available in the launch Skystalker pack featuring the ff color combinations: Core Black-Ftwr White-Solar Red
  • Adidas offers personalization with the Predator 18.3 AG boot with a lettering option on the lateral side.
  • This football boot has firm ground variations in the form of Adidas Predator 19.1 Firm Ground, Adidas Predator 18+ Firm Ground, and Adidas Predator 18.3 Firm Ground.