Adidas Ozweego Celox: A cheaper alternative to Yeezy 500

German footwear giant Adidas understands that dad shoes don't just belong to the 90s generation; they’re here to stay. From its well-loved Ozweego line, the Three Stripes puts out the Ozweego Celox. It instantly hits the core of ugly shoe-loving individuals ferreting out for a cheaper alternative to Kanye West sneakers

Adidas Ozweego Celox side by side the Adidas Ozweego

These comeback models carry the same DNA as the Adidas Ozweego 3, a 1998 running shoe that inspired a slew of modern-day Weegz (a term used for the Ozweegos in the late 90s). Below are their notable differences and similarities. 

  • Style. If the Adidas Ozweego comes with a sharper and sleeker body than the 1990s runner, the Ozweego Celox appears a bit beefier yet light and comfy. 
  • Breathability. Ozweego Celox may be covered with a synthetic caging system over the mesh underlay, but it remains ventilated as the Adidas Ozweego.
  • Value. Both kicks belong to the budget-friendly range under Adidas' chunky sneakers. Hits of suede give the Celox a premium finish without being costly.


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