Our verdict


We honestly think that the Oznova takes what the Ozweego has started and runs away with it in a bolder direction. "A sleeper hit," as one vlogger calls it, this sneaker from Adidas is as space-age as it is mighty comfy on feet. And who doesn't want a shoe that can start friendly conversations, especially in low-light situations? We do!


  • Very unique design
  • Extraordinary comfort
  • Supportive arch
  • Grippy
  • Great on warm days
  • Versatile performance
  • Also fits wide feet
  • Glows in the dark


  • Toe offs feel awkward initially
  • A tad heavy

Who should buy the Adidas Oznova

Alien-like (but in a very good way) accurately describes the Adidas Oznova. Purchase it if:

  • You want to shield your arches from premature tiredness and pain.
  • Futuristic sneakers are what you're after, especially breathable ones.
  • You like wearing slim-fitting dark-colored joggers.

Who should not buy it

With no negative reports about its transition performance, the Adidas Ozelia is a great alternative to the Oznova. There's also the Nike React Presto if lightness is quite a big deal for you.

A style that's out there

Reviewers can't seem to get enough of the Adidas Oznova in terms of design. A vlogger calls it "something different; something fresh," while another is convinced that the kick has a "dope silhouette."

Non-professional sneakerheads also praised the shoe's looks with the following comments:

  • "Creative fun."
  • "These really caught my eyes."
  • "The style is very unique."

Adidas Oznova: An achievement in comfort

The Oznova from Adidas, thanks to its high comfort level, is a receiver of many remarks. "Woah, these are pretty comfortable" and "it feels as good as the Yeezy does on foot" are two such examples.

Its ventilated interior also plays a role in all this comfiness. One sneakerhead describes the shoe as "very breathable and cool on feet."

Your feet won't fail

The Ozonova's sole unit is both supportive and tenacious, and sneaker fans agree. About the former, a big-bear guy with heavy legs says that the Oznova's support is great. About the latter, a gear pundit commends the shoe's outsole, saying that "it has a lot of traction."

Not-so-smooth transitions at first

"It doesn’t have a lot of roll to it," says a critic about the Oznova's rather plank-like forefoot section. That said, he's confident that this clunkiness during transitions will go away after breaking in the shoe completely.

The Oznova's somewhat unamusing weight

There are those who are mildly dismayed about the weightiness of the Adidas Oznova. It's "a little on the heavy side," a couple of them said.

Coolness that glows

One of the noteworthiest features of the Adidas Oznova is its glowing midsole. A sneakerhead says that "it’s cool that it glows in the dark." A professional reviewer, on the other hand, calls it "a cool touch."  

Adidas Oznova equals multi-faceted

Some say the Oznova works well as a gym shoe, while others are happy to use it for running a few short laps. There are also those who find it a doozy for running errands and the like.