Our verdict


With the comfort that the Boost technology and Primeknit upper provide as well as its minimalistic and straightforward design, the Adidas NMD_XR1 Primeknit left Adidas fans hungry for more. Despite its minor flaws, many users still admire its superior comfort and fashion-forward aesthetics.


  • Minimalist design
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Breathable
  • Excellent sole grip
  • Good for all-day wear
  • Great silhouette
  • Stretchable
  • Matches any outfits
  • Multifunctional
  • Great lace system


  • Poor midsole blocks
  • Bad-quality
  • Narrow
  • Needs more cushioning

Who should buy the Adidas NMD_XR1 Primeknit

This minimalist Adidas NMD_XR1 Primeknit could be a good pick for you if:

  • You want an extremely comfortable shoe with Boost technology
  • You are after a shoe that has a unique and minimalist look
  • You want a pair that matches your outfit for various occasions

Adidas NMD_XR1 Primeknit Logo

Style of Adidas NMD_XR1 Primeknit

The NMD_XR1 Primeknit possesses a minimalistic and unique look that is recognizable even from afar. It is made of breathable and flexible material. Wearers can thereby expect this shoe to provide all-day comfort, even in the warmest of weather.

Adidas NMD_XR1 Primeknit Upper

With stunning colors, this shoe is capable of upgrading your outfit in an instant. It goes well with jeans, shorts, leggings, and other casual and athletic clothing.

Adidas NMD_XR1 Primeknit Laces

Notable Features

Aside from its stretchy upper, the Adidas NDM_XR1 Primeknit is also equipped with a lightweight Boost midsole that is popular for its energy-returning properties.

Adidas NMD_XR1 Primeknit Midsole

Keeping the NMD look intact, it also features the signature molded EVA midsole plugs which, not only provides stability but also completes the look of this crowd-pleaser.

Adidas NMD_XR1 Primeknit Plugs

Adidas NMD_XR1 Primeknit History

The NMD, short for "Nomad," had a design influenced by three archival models namely the Micro Pacer, Boston Super, and Rising Star. These silhouettes, nonetheless, remain unknown to many sneaker enthusiasts.

On its own, the NMD, filled the innovative tech and exuded with modern aesthetics is capable of making a name for itself without the help of its ancestors. This line, since its inception, has released numerous models, the NMD_XR1 included.

Adidas NMD_XR1 Primeknit Collar

This rendition, however, is regarded as the most underrated. Unveiled in April 2016, it featured the Primeknit and Boost technology but with a caged upper. Despite being underappreciated, this shoe continued to receive 5-star ratings from fans who have a taste for the unconventional.

Adidas NMD_XR1 Primeknit Outsole