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8 reasons to buy

  • Most of the wearers if the Adidas Nitrocharge 4.0 soccer cleat observed that the pair gives a snug but comfortable fit given that the shoe is given adequate time for breaking in.
  • Majority of the soccer cleat’s users loved the fact that the shoe belongs to a budget-friendly price range.
  • In addition to this, several users have expressed that the shoe brings good value for money.
  • Many users commented that the Adidas Nitrocharge 4.0 shoe provides excellent traction on firm ground courts.
  • A significant number of user reviews reported that the Bravo synthetic leather upper of this model provides a good touch for the ball.
  • Some wearers remarked that the inexpensive Adidas Nitrocharge 4.0 FG soccer cleat has the look of a high-end shoe.
  • A handful of players mentioned that the pair brings good support for the foot as well as the heel area.
  • One user explained that because of its tight fit, the shoe reduced internal foot movement which prevented blisters unlike models with a more ‘relaxed fit.’

3 reasons not to buy

  • Several wearers are not happy that the cleat’s a bit narrow.
  • Another player observed that this soccer cleat is not lightweight
  • One reported that his pair of Adidas Nitrocharge 4.0 FG soccer cleats took a while to break-in.

Bottom line

The Adidas Nitrocharge 4.0 FG soccer cleat has proved that you don’t need to spend much to get quality and good-looking cleats. The majority has agreed that comfort is well-covered by this shoe’s Bravo synthetic leather upper given that the pair is properly broken in. In addition, several players also noted that it has a narrow and secure fit. Unsurprisingly, most reviewers found the cleat to have good value for money. If you’re a player looking for a narrow and secure-fitting cleat, the Adidas Nitrocharge 4.0 FG soccer cleat is one for you.

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Good to know

  • The tough Bravo synthetic leather upper of the Adidas Nitrocharge 4.0 Firm Ground soccer cleat gives players a tight but comfortable fit. Needing adequate time for break-in, the material eventually becomes softer, turning the tight fit into a secure and comfortable one. Furthering the shoe’s fit is a central lacing system incorporated into the upper.
  • Adidas’ Energysling technology incorporated into the shoe aids in the overall stability. This feature is especially useful when making quick sideway stops and rapid direction changes. Players experiencing slippage no longer have to wrap their shoes with a tape due to the presence of this shoe innovation. The technology is also designed to provide elasticity even when laces are tightened, allowing the shoe to expand and contract as needed.
  • Integrated into the outsole is Adidas’ Traxion outsole technology. The studs used are developed to have a tapered shape to aid ground penetration without adding pressure to the player’s foot.

The Bravo synthetic upper of the Adidas Nitrocharge 4.0 FG soccer cleat initially brings a narrow and tight fit. But once adequately broken in, the shoe turns into a secure, snug-fitting cleat. It is available in men’s standard sizes. A central lacing system placed into the cleat’s upper aids for a more secure fit. This fit customization feature is also evident in the Adidas Mundial Goal and the Adidas Samba Classic soccer cleat models.

It is worth noting that the wearers using this shoe reported that the pair comes in a size small. Hence, it is recommended for players to go for a full size up to get the best possible fit.

Bravo synthetic leather sports the upper of the Adidas Nitrocharge 4.0 FG soccer cleat. While initially bringing a tight fit to players, giving the pair adequate time for break-in results in a secure and snug-fitting shoe.

The brand’s Energysling technology is also incorporated into the upper which is basically used to create stability for the shoe. It is a high-elasticity rubber sling incorporated into the upper that supports the foot while the player makes quick sideway stops and rapid direction changes. This technology was created in response to players wrapping their soccer cleats with tape to prevent slippage.

Furthering the shoe’s fit is a central lacing system placed into the upper.  

The outsole boasts of the Adidas’ Traxion technology. Developed to create maximum ground penetration without the pressure on the player’s foot, the studs has a tapered shape. This soccer cleat uses a total of eleven studs with four triangular studs in the heel area and seven in the forefoot including one diamond-shaped in the middle. This is a firm ground shoe configuration developed for grip and traction.

As part of the ‘There will be Haters’ campaign, an Amazon Purple / White / Solar Blue Adidas Nitrocharge soccer cleat was released. This colorway was applied first on the Adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 model but is since used in the model’s more recent releases including the 4.0 firm ground model.

Color gradation was used in the application of the shoe’s colors with the darkest hue, Amazon Purple, applied at the back then the lighter color (Solar Blue) applied at the front of the shoe. The white three stripes logo of the brand was made sure to stand out with the contrast created. The studs, while transparent, seems to look white and the soleplate still sporting the darkest hues.

  • The Adidas Nitrocharge 4.0 FG soccer cleat is available in several colorways including the Black/ Metallic Silver/ Solar Gold, Infrared/ Metallic Silver/ Running White, and Amazon Purple / White / Solar Blue.

How Nitrocharge 4.0 Firm Ground compares

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