Who should buy the Adidas Nemeziz Tango 17.3 Turf

The Nemeziz Tango 17.3 Turf embodies the prominent trademark features of the Nemeziz series. So if you're a big Nemeziz follower, you'd definitely get a pair of this turf. This is also the perfect option for you if:

  • You're in need of the Agility Bandage that would provide you with the utmost ankle support and comfort.
  • You're looking for the Agility rubber technology you need for that grit and grip game style.

Adidas Nemeziz Tango 17.3 Turf logo

Outstanding outsole configuration of Tango 17.3 Turf

A prominent zigzag pattern is seen in the middle of the rubber outsole and is surrounded by irregularly shaped small studs.

Adidas Nemeziz Tango 17.3 Turf outsole top

These studs are constructed specifically for abrasive surfaces such as turf and artificial grass. Proper turf traction is guaranteed with its size.

Adidas Nemeziz Tango 17.3 Turf outsole bottom

These small numerous studs are not designed to work with firm ground.

Adidas Nemeziz Tango 17.3 Turf studs

Adidas Nemeziz Tango 17.3's upper structure

A textile-based material is wrapped around the forefoot, midfoot and heel area while 360 Torsion tapes are glued to the sides for lateral and medial stability. Compared to mesh, the textile fabric is thicker but is built for durability.

Adidas Nemeziz Tango 17.3 Turf midsole

Small embossed dots are noticeable in the forefoot area that is similar to Adidas Non-Stop Grip texture. All upper components are designed with the signature Nemeziz stripes.

Adidas Nemeziz Tango 17.3 Turf forefoot

Strong upper setup support

To complement the look, a striped Agility Bandage is placed in the opening to serve as ankle support while an internal plastic counter is set for the heel.

Adidas Nemeziz Tango 17.3 Turf ankle

A V-cut is formed going from the ankle area to the heel, positioned as a design and functional element. With this kind of opening, one will find it easy to slip on.

Sturdy secure lockdown of Nemeziz Tango 17.3 Turf

Laces are in the central area and are supported by an elastic fabric for compression fit.

Adidas Nemeziz Tango 17.3 Turf lockdown

 The insole is partially glued but is removable.

Adidas Nemeziz Tango 17.3 Turf insole

Facts / Specs

Update: Adidas Nemeziz Tango 18.3 Turf
Top: Low
Surface: Turf
Collection: Adidas Nemeziz, Adidas Torsion System
Lacing System: Laced
BRAND Brand: Adidas
Colorways: White / Blue / Red / Green

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