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    High Top

    Football boots with sock-like extension above the ankle level for added protection and support. the best high top fooball boots.

    Mid Top

    Football boots that offer coverage until the ankle level for extra stability. See the best mid top football boots.

    Low Top

    Traditional football boots without collars or extensions for maximum mobility. See the best low top football boots.

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    Choosing the best collar height is a matter of personal preference and is not dependent on the type of surface played. More info here

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    Firm Ground

    Football boots that provide rotational and aggressive traction on firm or dry natural grass. See the best FG boots.


    Football boots with flat, anti-slip rubber outsole great for indoor courts. See the best IC boots.


    Football boots with durable rubber outsole designed for excellent grip on short-piled synthetic grass. See the best Turf boots.

    Artificial Grass

    Low-profile, hollow-studded football boots intended for long-piled synthetic grass. See the best AG boots.


    Football boots built for street, dirt, concrete and polished pitches and also doubles as a casual wear. See the best Street football boots.

    Flexible Ground

    Football boots that are built for more than one type of surface. See the best Flexible Ground Football boots.

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    Adidas Nemeziz, Adidas Tango

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    Football boots are often categorized by brands into different collections based on their distinct purpose such as boots for Speed, Power or Control.

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  • 80 / 100 | Dev Mange

    Adidas Nemeziz Tango 17+ 360 Agility Indoor: The boot that bandages around your feet!

    Adidas is one of the most successful brands not only in football launched the Nemeziz in 2017. They call it the "next chapter."

    Based on a torsion tape, agility bandage this magnificent beast provides the perfect lockdown.


    About the boot

    The Adidas Nemeziz boots made me interested in them as soon as I heard the name itself and yes, they are pretty interesting to know about. Here are some things you should know:

    • The agility bandage
    • The fitting of the boot
    • How it adapts to you
    • The comfort     


    The agility bandage

    What is it? Basically tapes that wrap around your feet to give a snug and good fit. They are not new in the sporting industry; however, this innovation by Adidas seems like an invention.

    They lock your feet whilst you are busy scoring goals. The idea is the same as why boxers use its strength, agility, fit and for reflexes.

    The fit

    One word - Perfect!

    The boots wrap around in such a way that makes you feel that it adapts to your feet. I took a huge risk buying my first pair online because I had no idea about the fit or the bandage.

    The first time to put them on took time. However, in no time, the bandage adjusted and it has been around 9 months since I got them and there’s very little sign of a loosening of the bandage.

    They are durable and long lasting. This is important to any player looking for a pair because of course unless you have a sponsor you cannot certainly afford a new boot every month that too when it costs $200.

    No doubt the fit is comfortable, but they don’t provide the perfect lockdown when I make those sharp movements. The shoes actually would fit into most people’s foot, and I don’t think that would be the problem.

    How it adapts

    The boot adapted to my feet, and the bandage stretches each time according to my feet, and after getting used multiple times, the bandage is shaped in a way automatically which makes it adapt to my feet.

    This boot is mostly made up agility bandages that are elastic and stretch easily and just one torsion tape. That is a problem because the bandages are stretchy, the torsion tape is stiffer and gives much better lockdown. This is only present in the indoors not the FG’s or any other boot in the Nemeziz.

    The comfort

    Blissful. The sole has one of the best feels ever and I didn’t just leave the boot with the bandage but the cushioning under it is just a pleasurable thing to wear and feel when you take a clean power or even a curling shot with.

    The cushioning actually is present near the toe area and the lower areas of your feet as well as the heel part. It gives safety, cushioning and some water resistance too! The water resistance is because of the little fuse material which protects the asphalt smaller pebbles.  


    Structure of the boot

    The boot is a one-piece boot without laces. It consists of agility bandages, and they have little fuse material with a dotted pattern to maintain the shape of the boots.

    They are harder and hence help in doing so. Adidas have kept the same bottom with a standard cushion in the sole.

    Unique selling point of Nemeziz

    The boots are laceless. These boots are much more of an upgrade compared to the total control because of these factors.

    Also, Adidas is launching laced versions for those people looking for the lace as well as the agility bandage. The agility bandage is something really unique and attracting to any pro player.


    My experience

    It has been almost ¾ of a year since I wear them and I feel they’re very lasting and worthy of the price. The first wear was actually very weird because those wear my first laceless boots, but the touch was just amazing.

    I had troubles putting it on at first, but now they slip in and give me the same lockdown as a laced boot gives. Everything is the same except the soleplate which is for indoor surfaces. But just to test them, I wore them on turfs, they worked except my traction was reduced and the grip was moderate.

    I expected a rather worse result, but they worked. My major issue was with the weight of the boot. It was heavier, and I needed a pair of thick socks to give the perfect lockdown.

    They are a bit problematic because of the stretchy material and lack of torsion tapes, but the touch of the ball feels sensational, and I enjoy playing with them. The shoes have a cushioned upper. The lower is the same as the previous indoors by Adidas probably the cheapest.

    The sole doesn’t give me such a good grip on the dusty ground but is good on a concrete or asphalt type surface. This is because of the flat rubber on the sole which makes the traction lesser.


    • They are laceless
    • Aesthetically appealing
    • Comfortable
    • Give a good amount of lockdown
    • They give a good feel and touch
    • Water resistant
    • They work for football and casuals
    • New design technology
    • The thin upper provides a good feel 


    • Heavy (200+ grams)
    • They cost $200
    • The boot is just bandages and lack of torsion tape
    • They aren’t the boots with the best lockdown
    • The bottom is not updated just the same
    • They have a thin upper that may cause problems


    These boots are good to wear and for those people who like comfort and play casually. I suggest not buying these if you are looking for performance.

    Honestly, they look amazing and are worth the price. It has good tech, and Adidas actually have done a good job. But they contradicted the torsion tape thing they stated.

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  • First look / Unboxing | Jose Tello 95175325

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  • The Nemeziz Tango 17+ 360 Agility Indoor features elements quite similar to its firm ground variation. For one, its upper is dominantly wrapped with 360 Agility Bandages. The upper material is arranged overlapping each other to follow the shape of the foot anatomically. It offers a comfortable sensation that is reinforced by Agility Knit 2.0 found in the forefoot, another material intended for a thin natural sensation in the strike zones. This feature is also found in the upper of the Adidas Nemeziz 18.1 Firm Ground.
  • The same bandage is used for the boot’s Dual Lock Collar, the laceless boot stretchable opening. Its elastic quality brings secure lockdown to the boot. It also doubles as a support for the ankles.
  • Similar to its firm ground cleats variation, the internal heel lining is made from synthetic suede. Another part of the boot that is made from suede is its sock liner. The liner is a single layer of foam that offers the appropriate cushioning for indoor play.
  • Named as the Torsion, the indoor boot’s outsole is made from rubber. It is constructed to work best on indoor and flat surfaces.

The indoor football boot is available in standard sizes in men’s version only. The recommended fit is true-to-size. The 360 Agility Bandages gives the foot a stretchable and adjustable fit in the absence of the laces. Additionally, its Agility Knit 2.0 conforms to the shape of the foot in the forefoot area. The combination of both upper materials creates a hugging sensation to the foot.

The outsole material of Adidas Nemeziz Tango 17+ 360 Agility Indoor is made from rubber that offers adequate traction on indoor and flat surfaces.

The plate has two separate parts installed in the forefoot and heel area. Both parts are patterned with a combination of textures suited for indoor play. The central area is constructed with a curved line pattern matching the stripes theme of the upper, while the Adidas logo is placed in the heel area.

The football boot’s upper is inspired by the process of sports taping. It is especially apparent with the overlapping 360 Agility Bandages from the forefoot to the heel. The bandages are stretchable and allow the foot to move naturally. As the bandages are sewn to each other, the boot provides a foot-hugging sensation.

In addition to the elastic bandages, the AgilityKnit 2.0 is constructed in the forefoot area to serve the same function. Straight out of the box, Adidas guarantees a new fit experience with the said material. It is a high quality knitted material known for its soft and flexible qualities.

An overlay film is fused in the borders of the forefoot. The material maintains the upper’s elasticity, preventing overstretching.

The Dual Lock Collar serves as the boot’s opening. The collar is made from the same Agility Bandages that wraps the entire upper. It is embedded with tiny silicone strips to provide friction while slipping the boot on. With this mechanism, the foot can slide on with secure lockdown even without the laces.

For the boot’s cushioning, a removable synthetic suede sock liner is installed in the footbed. The heel liner is also made from the same synthetic material. Both parts offer the boot its comfort element internally.

  • The following colorway options are available for the indoor shoe:  Legend Ink / Solar Yellow / Energy Blue, Black/White & Solar Orange / Core Black / Core Black