Who should buy the Adidas Nemeziz 18.1 Soft Ground

The Adidas Nemeziz 18.1 Soft Ground is a well-padded and supportive soccer cleat best recommended for:

  • speedy players and nimble playmakers on the pitch
  • wearers who are looking for a lightweight and comfortable cleat right out of the box with solid stability on soft surfaces

Adidas Nemeziz 18.1 Soft Ground adidas

Provides a reliable soft ground-specific soleplate

The Adidas Nemeziz 18.1 Soft Ground is part of the colorful Team Mode pack for 2018. 

This soccer cleat will take your game skills to the next level with its laced upper and soft ground-specific soleplate. It is designed for the nimble playmaker like Lucas Vazquez and Jesse Lingard.

Nemeziz 18.1 Soft Ground allows mobility 

This soccer cleat features a 360 Agility Bandage upper that is made up of Torsion Tapes. This technology supports radical play and mobility. 

The elasticity of the Torsion Tapes provides a compressive fit while at the same time allowing enough flexibility. 

Thick upper for a "speed boot"

A reviewer expressed his concern about the lack of reserve studs for this soccer cleats. Another player who tested the shoe also adds that it comes with a thick upper for a "speed boot".

Adidas Nemeziz 18.1 Soft Ground Thick upper

The forefoot is made of a foot-hugging technology called the Agility Weave. It provides a responsive touch on the ball. As a result, the Nemeziz 18.1 SG offers superb control of the ball.

Offers medial support and lateral freedom 

A popular feature in the Nemeziz line is also present on this soccer cleat. The Dual Lock Collar does the job of keeping the ankle locked in place. It is effective in providing medial support and lateral freedom at the same time.

A very thin Torsion Frame soleplate with Torsion Ribs finishes this soccer cleat. The lightweight soleplate provides explosive power on soft ground (SG) pitches. The conical and semi-conical studs are there to provide aggressive traction and rotation.

Comes in men’s version only 

The Adidas Nemeziz 18.1 Soft Ground comes in men’s version only. Available sizes are 6.5 to 13.5. With its elastic upper and central lacing system, this soccer cleat can accommodate players with narrow to slightly wide feet.

Similar to other high-end Adidas Nemeziz soccer cleats, the Adidas Nemeziz 18.1 Soft Ground has a 360 Agility Bandage upper. This technology is made up of several Torsion Tapes that are elastic enough to provide compression support while still allowing ample flexibility.

Excellent touch on the ball 

The Agility Weave forefoot of this soccer cleat offers excellent touch on the ball. The surface of the material has enough texture to provide superior ball control for that winning strike. Also, it takes the overall comfort of this soccer cleat to the next level.

A super thin synthetic lining coats the entirety of the upper. This material protects the shoe adding to its durability. It also acts as the shoe’s waterproof element.

Superior lockdown 

The shape of the Dual Lock collar is slightly modified from the previous Adidas Nemeziz models. It allows a greater fit and prevents blistering on the Achilles Tendon - a common issue found of the earlier models.

Adidas Nemeziz 18.1 Soft Ground Superior lockdown 

Despite the slight change in shape, the collar still provides superior lockdown, especially when making quick turns and changes of direction.

Gives high energy return

The Adidas Nemeziz 18.1 Soft Ground reuses the Torsion Frame soleplate of the previous generation Nemeziz. This soleplate itself provides a high energy return with every step. 

The Torsion Ribs acts as the stabilizer between the heel and forefoot. There are six removable metal studs and five moulded studs on this soccer cleat. 

Adidas Nemeziz 18.1 Soft Ground offers superb maneuverability 

The conical shaped studs offer excellent maneuverability while the semi-conical ones provide aggressive traction on soft, muddy pitches. 

The upper of the Adidas Nemeziz 18.1 Soft Ground is inspired by sports taping, which is effective in enhancing agility and support. A firm ground of the Nemeziz 18.1 is also available.

Facts / Specs

Top: Low
Surface: Soft Ground
Collection: Adidas Nemeziz, Adidas 360 Torsion Tape, Adidas Agility Weave, Adidas Torsionframe, Adidas 360 Agility Bandage
Lacing System: Laced
BRAND Brand: Adidas
Colorways: Grey / Blue / White
SKUs: BC0294 / D97846 / D98014 / DB2087

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Akshay Kumar Malhotra

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