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6 reasons to buy

  • Comfort: A majority of people deem the Adidas Mat Wizard Hype to be comfortable.
  • Affordable: A lot of buyers claim that this shoe is reasonably priced for its quality build.
  • Grip: Several owners appreciate this wrestling shoe's excellent traction because it allows them to keep upright when needed on the mat.
  • Looks nice: The Mat Wizard Hype is very stylish, according to a number of buyers.
  • Ankle support: Some wearers laud the shoe's excellent ankle support.
  • Light: A couple of users claim that the model feels lighter than what they are used to.

1 reasons not to buy

  • Durability: Some purchasers express disappointment because their pair showed signs of scuffs and tears after a few months of use.

Bottom line

Banking on its new name, Adidas' Mat Wizard Hype gathered everything you like about the original version and improves its aesthetic by adding graphic options and dual-colored laces to hype up its looks.

Apart from its improved design, the shoe also highlights excellent grip and comfort thanks to its Triaxiel structured outsole, mesh upper, and anatomically shaped tongue, respectively. If these elements sound right up your alley, then the Adidas Mat Wizard Hype might be worth checking out.

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User reviews:

Good to know

Mystify your opponent with your pinning moves and this pair of Adidas wrestling shoes. The Mat Wizard Hype provides wearers with excellent ankle support that helps them stand their ground. Its full-length rubber outsole delivers maximum grip on the mat. The upper uses a breathable fabric that not only keeps the foot fresh but also supports natural movements.

It’s not unusual for a brand like Adidas to release wrestling shoes that are quite similar, like in the case of the Mat Wizard Hype and the Flying Impact. Both models employ the Triaxiel outsole with ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam midsole. The design of the upper is where these trainers differ. The Flying Impact has more synthetic materials wrapping the top, which aids in foot containment. However, it’s breathability is not diminished as there are perforations scattered on the vamp.

The bottom of the Mat Wizard Hype is made of rubber that features the Triaxiel construction. The wavy treads on the outsole not only enhance the grip of the rubber but also facilitate flexibility.The outsole of this wrestling shoe also features medial and lateral drive zones. They help the wearer push off the mat using the inner or outer sides of their foot.

Inside the Adidas Mat Wizard Hype is a thin layer of EVA foam. This insole adds underfoot comfort. It is covered in soft fabric that draws moisture away from the foot. Unlike training shoes, wrestling shoes do not have thick midsoles because impact absorption is not a priority. Instead, the ability to move like they are barefoot is more important.

The Adidas Mat Wizard Hype employs an open mesh upper. The material is soft, ensuring comfort. It is also breathable, allowing the exchange of fresh air and heat from the foot chamber to happen.

Another feature of the upper is the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) tapes. They protect the toe box against abrasion. They are also found in the heel, which serves to improve the fit. There are also V-shape foils handling the same responsibilities.

At the midfoot is the lace-up structure. It allows wearers to adjust the tightness and keep the fit comfortable. The high collar is also made of plush materials. It helps keep the fit snug while also preventing chafing.

The anatomically-shaped tongue contours to the instep for enhanced comfort and lockdown. It has a lace pocket where you can tuck the shoestrings in so they don’t get in the way while wrestling.

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