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12 reasons to buy

  • The unique colorways available in the market have been praised by many buyers. Adidas named the colorways after the cities of Valencia and Bern.
  • Many applauded the durability of the Adidas Jeans City Series.
  • Many commended the high-quality materials used in the Jeans City Series.
  • This pair generally runs true to size.
  • Available at an affordable price point.
  • Most of them revealed the comfortable fit of this pair.
  • The versatility is very notable for some users. They shared that they could wear this from work to city strolling.
  • A couple praised the lightness of this shoe.
  • Many buyers liked that they can personalize their own pair of Adidas Jeans City Series.
  • Most of them revealed that they will recommend this pair to friends.
  • One user shared that this pair has good arch support.
  • The retro design of the pair has been loved by some users. One even shared that she feels the warm feeling of nostalgia every time she slips into this pair.

3 reasons not to buy

  • A few disclosed that this pair is not suitable for activities that need to stand for long period of time.
  • One reviewer felt dismay that the personalized letters he put on both shoes fell off after 3 days of wearing it.
  • A couple of buyers criticized the narrow toebox of the Adidas Jeans City Series.

Bottom line

Looking stylish and smart while wearing jeans is possible with the Adidas Jeans City Series. Offered in 2 colorways, this shoe showcases the classic Jeans silhouette released in the 70s. It features a premium upper with subtle suede details with gold marque details on the side. This accurate rejuvenation of the classic Jeans is committed to delivering comfort, style, and high-rate footwear to its wearers.

The Adidas Jeans City Series has a lace up fastening system for a comfortable and personalized secure fit. It also has a padded collar and tongue for the added comfort and support. It also has the vintage authentic foam leather lining of the tongue and inner sole for a comfortable cushy fit. This pair generally runs true to size and offered in medium width. The Jeans City Series is available exclusively in men’s sizes from 4 to13 US.

The classic silhouette with premium materials makes the Adidas Jeans City Series a great pair for casual events. It was originally designed to fit with any pair of jeans, but nowadays, it can also be paired off with joggers and shorts, with their tees or polos or any casual outfit the wearer wishes to strut.

This pair has been the shoe of choice for those who are into slim sneakers. With its Samba-like shape and minimalist construction, many street wearers express their fondness for the Adidas Jeans City Series. The throwback look with a modernized comfort of this pair is certainly a neck-breaker.

The Adidas Jeans City Series is a faithful reissue of the classic Jeans. It has a sleek leather or suede upper depending on the colorway. This series named its colorways after the 2 prominent cities of Switzerland and Spain, the Bern and Valencia respectively.

The Valencia colorway is made with blue leather upper with teal midsole. Meanwhile, the Bern colorway has a rich blue suede upper with minty green 3-Stripe detailing. Both colorways feature the iconic T toe overlay and the heel stabilizer.

The Adidas Jeans City Series incorporated the all-important gum outsole for both variations that gives a melancholic feeling for its wearers. With all the authentic throwback design of this series, this definitely pleases all the retro heads.

The Adidas Jeans or MKI was launched in 1975 as a footwear that goes well with jeans. It was created with the combination of stand-out elements of the Adidas’ previous models, the Azzurro, Rio and SL72. The first ever issued design was the color blue because it was thought to be the appropriate color that goes with a pair of jeans.

It was updated in 1979 with a heel stabilizer, toe bumper and altered sole unit and called it the Adidas Jeans MKII. The MKII has been the more sought after among the two models during that time. However, the Three Stripes stopped reproducing the MKII in the 80s.

In the 90s, Adidas decided to re-release the MKI and made good sales in the market. But there has been a constant clamor for the MKII reissue. In 2015, Adidas broke the news out they will reproduce the Jeans MKII. This model came back in the market with its vintage gumsole and Trefoil branding. The suede upper is more sophisticated and the midsole is softer and more comfortable.

The Adidas Jeans City Series was released in 2017 to celebrate the cities of Valencia in Spain and Bern in Switzerland. These sneakers feature premium upper with subtle suede details and the classic 3-Stripe branding on the side and finished it off with the signature gold print detailing.

  • The Three Stripes kept the vintage tongue design.
  • It features the signature T-toe box with a rubber protection layer.
  • It features the serrated 3-Stripe at the sides and Trefoil branding on the tongue and heel patch.
  • The rubber outsole is the original MKII outsole released in the 70s.
  • It has the gold foil print at the sidewall.

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