Who should buy the Adidas Indoor Cycling Shoe

With its straightforward name, it is a no-brainer what the shoe is most suitable for - indoor cycling of any kind. Be it a spin class on Peloton at home, a session with Zwift, or hitting a saddle at the gym. The shoe is ready for rides of any length and intensity.

Who should not buy this bike shoe

If you are just starting out on your spin journey, you may not want to spend a lot on an entry-level shoe. The Adidas Indoor costs $15 more than indoor bike shoes on average ($115), some of which start as low as $75.

So, you may want to try the more affordable Pearl Izumi All-Road v5 or Shimano IC300.

Adidas Indoor is better than Peloton?

A good number of spinning fans who owned a pair of Pelotons before, claim that the Indoor is a noticeable upgrade. “A treat for indoor cycling,” says one of the happy buyers.

Considering that both shoes come at the same price point, Adidas seems to be beating its counterpart. Here are some of the comments from the riders:

  • “happy I made the switch!”
  • “much more comfortable”
  • someone whose toes “fall asleep” in the Peloton shoes reports not having this issue with the Adidas.

Feels snug and secure but prepare to size up

Just like any other cycling shoe on the market, expect the Adidas Indoor to fit smaller than your regular size in Adidas kicks. Most people had to go from half a size to a full size up to get an accommodating fit in this indoor bike shoe. This is especially the case for people with wider feet. On the other hand, those with very skinny and narrow feet felt just fine in their regular Adidas size.

As for the criss-cross Velcro strap, everyone seems to have enjoyed the ease of adjusting it. They agree that it helps to tighten the fit perfectly without the hassle of laces and locks your foot in securely. Although one reviewer did think that “BOA would make the shoe perfect.”

Warning: may cause chafing

Due to the shoe’s snug fit, some riders experienced some rubbing in the upper throughout the ride. One of them felt like “plastic digging into [his] skin,” while another complained that the shoe’s heel extends way too high putting pressure on the Achilles.

A balance of power transfer and walkability

Many riders are satisfied with the solid base provided by the shoe’s fiberglass nylon sole. For reference, it is also used on Adidas’s Road cycling shoe. They have only good things to say about its power transfer even on long endurance rides. At the same time, it is still quite walkable. As one reviewer says, it is “easy to walk around in for bike boot camps.” 

Cleats are easy to install but can get shifty

The 3-bolt Delta cleats are effortless to install as the sole has markers to help the positioning. A more experienced athlete was also able to fit his 2-bolt SPD cleats using a Shimano adapter plate.

Be warned, however, that the shoe does NOT come with the cleats themselves. These are purchased separately.

The biggest caveat of the Adidas Indoor that some people faced is that the cleats can shift sideways. For one of the commenters, the issue occurred after two weeks of using the shoe and his dominant foot started to “move out of place after each ride.”

Adidas Indoor is super light

So light you forget about wearing it! Nearly every tester mentioned lightness as the shoe’s biggest highlight.

It’s all about that vent

The Adidas Indoor has two open mesh windows for ventilation which seem to perform admirably, according to the riders. “Plenty of venting,” says one of them. So, there should be no worries about getting your feet sweaty as you tackle the great indoors.

Adidas keeps the durability mark high

“Well-constructed,” “worth every penny,” and many more positive comments have been given to the shoe’s construction quality. For its above-average asking price, Adidas Indoor lasts as expected.

Take the sustainable route with Adidas

A number of reviewers are happy to find out that this spin shoe not only performs well but also does so with recycled materials involved! The shoe is made with at least 50% of recycled content.

Cannot leave the style unnoticed

“So bright they make you want to workout!” says one of the reviewers who is ecstatic about the shoe’s visual appeal. The Adidas Indoor soaks up some of the brand’s best practices in terms of design. Many riders find it to be a sleek, clean, and timelessly stylish silhouette and wish that it came in more colors.

Other cycling shoes from Adidas

Adidas has not been the brand you normally turn to when it comes to cycling shoes. But a recent couple of years, the company started making its way back to this arena. Perhaps, some of its other cycling models would make it to your rotation:

  • Adidas The Road - a dedicated road cycling shoe
  • Adidas The Gravel - a rugged MTB for outdoor adventures on and off the bike

Adidas Velosamba - a cycling version of the eternal Adidas Samba sneaker.

Facts / Specs

Use: Indoor
Cleat design: 3 holes
Closure: Velcro
Features: Breathable, Look Delta
Material: Nylon composite sole
BRAND Brand: Adidas
Rigidity: Stiff

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