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11 reasons to buy

  • The Adidas Galaxy Trail is very comfortable, based on the comments of most reviewers.
  • It is super affordable.
  • The traction is great, according to a large number of comments.
  • It is breathable protection, as noted by some runners.
  • Several runners appreciated the excellent security and support on the trail in this shoe.
  • The Cloudfoam midsole offers adequate cushioning with clear responsiveness.
  • The moderately aggressive lugs enhance leverage and grip on rugged trails.
  • More than a handful received compliments about the stylish looks of the Galaxy Trail.
  • It is available in 5 colors.
  • Some runners also use the Galaxy Trail for hiking.
  • The durability is top notch, as reported by many reviewers.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Some runners noted that it takes time for this shoe to dry.
  • A handful experienced hot spots in the forefoot or around the toe box.

Bottom line

The Adidas Galaxy Trail is another solid offering for trail runners who value a reliable, supportive, durable, and very comfortable training partner. While it does not have the bells and whistles of other trail running shoes, the performance is decidedly as Adidas designed it to be. This is a versatile shoe that can handle short runs or high-mileage running with equal ease. Few shoes have this kind of very affordable price with the performance of a much more expensive price tag.

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Our reviews

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It was on black Friday that I went into the Adidas outlet store in South Africa. After looking through a variety of shoes and trying out several running models, the Galaxy trail 2018 caught my eye with its attractive price.

It was priced much lower than popular branded trail shoes that I had seen online, but the price wasn’t the only attraction. Here are some of the others:



The look

At first glance, it looked great with its black and silver color. The shoe’s compact design and color combination made it versatile, allowing me to use it as a trail shoe and casual day shoe. 

The purpose

I thought this trail shoe would be useful at our local park run which is held in a nature reserve. I had found that my road running shoes did not provide sufficient grip, especially during the morning park runs when the grass was wet and slippery.

This shoe would have to withstand gravel, uneven terrain, rocks, grass, and the occasional patches of tarred road.

The fit

While trying the shoe on in-store, I found that the shoe fitted well; it provided firm but not hard support throughout the entire foot.  


It was also lightweight and quite comfortable—probably because it was new. At 258 grams, as quoted on, the shoe is less heavy than the average trail shoes. The comfort of the shoe was maintained as I accumulated mileage. 

Tread pattern



The tread pattern with lugs grips the grassy patches steadily and provided me with the stability required when I was running my faster 5-km runs. The shoe has several v-shaped lugs on the sole. The lugs are well-positioned to provide the stability needed when running on any terrain. They are composed of rubber and the rigidness of the lugs is not felt under the shoe. As I tried the shoe on the first park run in the nature reserve, I felt the grip of the shoe kick in.  

The outer toe box (cap)

The outer toe box is made from rubber and is tough and protective as you race through dirt and stones. I don’t recall kicking anything hard but the toe cap is still in a satisfactory condition after over 1000 km of use. The tough outer layer extends to about one third in the front. Although the outer toe box is tough, the shoe is still fairly light. 

The inner toe box

The inner toe box is slightly narrow but does put pressure on your toes, maintaining comfort throughout the workout. On occasion, while changing my running style, I found a little pressure on my big toe, but nothing to complain about. I am comparing it to my New Balance road running shoe. I took a size bigger than my formal dress shoes to allow for foot expansion during my workout. It still fitted snug.

No wet socks

The fabric above the toe area is substantially breathable yet does not allow much water to penetrate. The middle to the back outer of the shoe is completely sealed to prevent any further water ingress. I have not experienced wet socks during any trail running, and even during mild drizzles. I have also used this shoe twice on snowy terrains and it remained fairly dry.




The shoelaces thread well through the ample holes and easily tighten while the soft inner tongue remains in place during workouts. There are two extra sets of holes at the top, which I did not use. The length of the shoelaces is adequate and the lace ends seem robust. The breathable fabric extends to the inner tongue, allowing ventilation where it is required. 

This was my first proper trail shoe and I did not know much about grip, weight, heel drop, etc. Furthermore, I hadn’t yet discovered websites like which could have assisted me in making a sound choice of shoe.


The 28mm heel and 18mm forefoot provide excellent shock absorption through the Cloudfoam upon landing. Arch support is great and sometimes it felt like an insert propping up my arches. I have also used the shoe regularly on tarred road and the support, grip, and comfort are maintained.  You feel the responsiveness (energy of Cloudfoam) throughout the shoe and this enables you to return the energy rather effectively. 




I have used this Adidas Galaxy Trail on several trail routes after purchase and the Galaxy trail shoe performs very well, giving me a light yet robust shoe with a solid grip suitable for any surface.

Over the last two years, I have used this shoe extensively with over 1000 km on both tarred road and trail surfaces. The comfort and stability have slightly diminished, but the grip is still better than pure road running shoes. There is also some wear close to the ankle sides which seem to be made from plain fabric. For the price (even normal price), the shoe is a brilliant purchase and provides outstanding support and responsiveness.   

| Level 1 expert Verified
I commenced running over 6 years ago with parkruns as a routine to achieve weekly runs. I have increased my running substantially and currently completed 3 marathons and two oceans ultra-marathon. I am currently preparing to run my first Comrades marathon (87 km) this year.

Good to know

  • Adidas relies on tried and tested technologies in the Galaxy Trail to offer a more than functional work on rough trails. A moderately aggressive outsole makes it an ideal Adidas trail running shoe that can take the runner from the door to the trails. It handles technical terrain, grass, and soft ground rather well.
  • The breathable mesh assures runners of a cool run, even in humid conditions.
  • Adidas strategically places the stitched overlays to provide maximum support and security. The overlays also guard the foot against abrasions.
  • The Cloudfoam midsole delivers soft cushioning that remains responsive. Additionally, the foam does not compromise weight despite the very good cushioning and durability.

The Adidas Galaxy is standard in length. When it comes to width, runners with average feet should have no trouble finding their most comfortable fit in this shoe. The midfoot hold is great with decent security in the heel. Adidas offers sufficient room in the toe box for the toes to splay.

A rather sticky rubber covers a large portion of the outsole in the Galaxy Trail while the heel and part of the tip of the forefoot have a sturdy carbon rubber. The forefoot to the heel is filled with moderately aggressive lugs that provide multi-directional grip on different surfaces. Running on grass, soft ground, and small rocks should be no problem with this outsole.

The Cloudfoam, which is used in many of Adidas’ entry-level and popular shoes like the Duramo 9, is utilized in this shoe as well. It does have average durability, but the cushioning is soft and responsive altogether. The full-length coverage means that the landing to take-off movements should be enhanced.

Adidas offers an upper construction that is a nice blend of style and functionality. A very breathable mesh and leather-like overlays form a big part of the upper. The overlays are strategically placed for maximum comfort and support. One overlay in the forefoot, which also holds the last part of the lace, also makes up the substantial toe protection. A prominent heel tab makes shoe entry and exit easy and quick. Both the tongue and the ankle collar have sufficient padding, which add to the plush feel of the Adidas Galaxy Trail.


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