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5 reasons to buy

  • The majority of the buyers mention that they consider the Adidas Galaxy SPZL a very comfortable sneaker.
  • Most users like the stylish and distinctive look of this model.
  • Most buyers attest that this model runs true to size.
  • A couple of users cite that they deem this model as a durable pair.
  • Adidas offers this GLXY Spezial sneaker at an affordable price range.

2 reasons not to buy

  • One user wishes that the Adidas Galaxy from the Spezial collection is also available in other colorways.
  • A critic mentions that this pair quickly gets dirty.

Bottom line

A standout piece in the Spring/Summer 2019 collection, the Adidas Galaxy is worthy of a second glance. This SPZL kick modernizes the retro look from the 80s with crisper details on the upper. The brand inserts it with customized cushioning which intensifies its distinctiveness.

Adidas keeps the visual technology they are known for that keeps them on selling trainers easily. With its price range that is easy on the pocket, the Adidas Galaxy SPZL is another win from the Spezial collection.


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The low-top Adidas Galaxy SPZL is available in men's sizing. The brand used the regular lace-up fastening system using the D-ring with flat laces allowing its wearers to enjoy an adjustable fit. Meanwhile, for added comfort, Adidas used the peg cushioning system atop the lightweight EVA midsole. This cushioning technology provides adjustable cushioning according to the wearer's preference.

Displaying a look that resembles the 80s runner, the Adidas Galaxy SPZL is a surefire head-turner. The chunky profile gives a hint of its vintage runner heritage. The supple leather upper added has a rich blend of white and cream with shimmering silver stripes and heel details to add an appealing touch. Meanwhile, the peg cushioning system on the midsole is such an ingenious element adding a striking style to the overall futuristic look.

With this pair's hint of a futuristic look, many love styling this with any casual attire, such as light-colored jeans with a plain tee. Meanwhile, for an authentic 80s look, some users match this with stone-washed jeans and an oversized t-shirt.

The three plugs found on the midsole of the Adidas Galaxy SPZL gives a remarkable facet to this stylish sneaker. Adidas presents these plugs in white, red, and blue hues which can be interchanged for owners who want to put their own. The brand calls this peg cushioning system that can be manually adjusted or removed by its wearers for that customized cushioning.

It is undeniable that the Adidas Spezial collection holds a humongous part in the history of Adidas. The brand formed the Spezial series in 2014 as their way to re-introduce some of the renowned vintage silhouettes to the current market. Adidas, together with Gary Aspden, carefully unearthed few archived models and revamped to suit the modern style.

For the Spring/Summer 2019, Adidas Originals Spezial collection dropped a two parts series. The first part was unveiled in March 2019 that features elements from the personal collection of Robert Brooks, a legendary Adidas collector. The brand refurbished a few profiles that give homage to the sportswear culture of London.

For the second wave of Spring/Summer 2019 collection, Adidas launched another series of kicks that also reflects the collection influenced by Robert Brooks. Adidas contemporized most of them to introduce to modern audiences.

In the second series, there are several outstanding pieces in the collection that caught the attention of many followers. One of them is the Adidas Galaxy SPZL, released last June 2019. This model which was stirred from the classic Galaxy sneaker. The first Galaxy kick was unveiled in 1984 as a running kick that displayed a chunky profile. This model became a hit back then for its futuristic look dressed with hues that resemble the space shuttle.

Back then, Adidas Galaxy was considered a smash. People were seen sporting it with the baggy jeans or stone-washed denim jeans added with striped Benetton shirt with their long hippy hairdo.

  • The rubber outsole of Adidas Galaxy SPZL sneakers provides a reliable grip on various surfaces.
  • This pair comes with a vintage style instruction leaflet.
  • The Trefoil logo can be found on the silver heel tab and on the tongue.
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