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10 reasons to buy

  • Majority of customers describe the shoe as comfortable even during cold winters.
  • A significant number of reviewers say the Adidas F/1.3 LE winter sneakers have beautiful colorway options.
  • Most wearers say it kept their feet warm and cozy despite cold weather.
  • Some reviewers commended the supportive chainsaw-grip and durability of the outsole.
  • The weather shield protection feature and thick uppers work effectively in keeping feet warm and dry during unpredictable weather, a couple of reviews posted.
  • Many people were happy with the rugged sneaker-boot look.
  • The mid-top kick has ample support and protection provided by the suede and nubuck upper.
  • Some say the winter-ready sneaker has a reasonable price for its features.
  • A handful of reviewers say they are stylish and pair well with jeans.
  • The Adidas F/1.3 LE mid-top shoes are great for walking, many users disclosed.


3 reasons not to buy

  • A couple observed the Adidas F/1.3 needs a bit of break-in to feel comfortable.
  • Some wearers find them a bit bulky.
  • One user says it is larger than the usual Adidas fit.


Bottom line

A winter-ready hybrid sneaker like the F/1.3 LE from Adidas is a great option for those looking for comfortable and durable shoes ready to take on the cold and slippery streets. While some reviewers tag them as bulky, it’s because of the high-grip rubber outsoles reminiscent of heritage trail shoes at the bottom.

The affordably-priced mid-cut shoe also comes in suede and nubuck uppers fused to a lightweight EVA midsole that is a definite bang for the buck for most of its fans.


User reviews:

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The Adidas F/1.3 LE mid-top shoes come in true to size fitting. It has a regular round lace closure that secures the upper together with the mesh and nylon tongue that exudes a warm and cozy feel. The regular fitting sneaker also has a lightweight EVA midsole for all-day comfort. A heel pull tab can also be found at the heel back for quick on and off. Sizes for the F/1.3 sneaker by Adidas range from size 4 to 12 in men’s sizes. Women may also find equivalent sizes by reducing their usual sizes by 1.5.

While some purists may argue that sneakers and cleats are two different designs that shouldn’t be mixed, fans of the sneaker-boots will surely flaunt their streetwear creds by wearing the Adidas F/1.3 LE shoes. The winter-ready hybrid sneaker comes in as a welcome respite from the often plain-looking and at times, outrageously boring-to-style leather cleats.

The popularity of sneakerboots is evidenced by the numerous releases for the hybrid kick as various footwear brands drop several designs as soon as winter nears. The Adidas Originals design for the F/1.3 LE sneaker is one that is equipped to give comfort and durability in the outdoors without compromising style.

Style-conscious sneakerheads wanting alternative footwear for the Fall/Winter season have found interests in the Adidas F/1.3 LE sneaker cleat due to its versatility to wear with numerous streetwear. For most of its patrons, styling them with jeans and a thick jacket gives it streetwear creds.

Coming in versatile colorways, the Adidas Originals mid-top sneaker comes in well-finished suede and nubuck upper combining retro styling with modern sensibilities. When the design was first launched for the Fall/Winter 2018 offering of the Three Stripes brand, it came in three colorways namely Core Black, Base Green, and Mesa. Each of the colorways depicts styling of heritage trail running kicks that are easy to mix and match with various clothing.

The Adidas Originals F/1.2 LE Core Black, for example, is worn by some customers at work. The color mixes well with a lot of clothing from daytime to nighttime options. As it is the most flexible among the colors, the shoe is also popular among fans who would want to always keep their kicks clean.

Another colorway option is Mesa. The Adidas F/1.3 LE “Mesa” sneaker has a wheat tone that has a fantastic outdoorsy feel which mixes well with jeans as well as colored snacks. The Mesa wheat colored kick option is perfect for the urban traveler and the street photographer wanting to capture moments despite the often harsh snowy conditions of winter. It matches well with khakis and chinos for pants and breathable nylon polos and shirts used by photographers and explorers.

The next colorway is Base Green. This colorway option with accents of Night Cargo and Bright Red hues for the Adidas F/1.3 LE sneaker is popular among nature photographers wanting to blend in with their surroundings. While this colorway seems inflexible and would look odd if not worn outdoors compared to the Mesa wheat or the Core Black options, it compensates for its striking color balance that is pleasing to the eye and the pocket.

Most importantly, the good looks of the sneaker are evident in its retro-sportswear style inspired by Adidas EQT sneaker models. The design profile also has a ¾ cut upper design for the upper that uses a mix of suede and nubuck material with tonal nylon webbing and mesh tongue.

What is most notable of the Adidas F/1.3 LE shoes is its sneaker-boot design that has suede and nubuck upper combinations that keeps the feet warm and dry during winters. Also striking in its design is the outdoorsy chainsaw-grip rubber outsole that has impeccable and traction even in slippery and often unforgiving conditions of winter. The affordable sneaker also has well-insulated upper and cushioned collars to keep the feet warm and comfy in the cold.

Released in time for the Fall/Winter 2018 collection of Adidas Originals, the mid-cut Adidas F/1.3 hybrid sneakerboots were initially dropped in Core Black and Base Green Colorways. The outdoorsy Mesa wheat-hued option was dropped a few weeks after the initial release in November 2018.

The design of the hybrid sneaker cleat is a fusion between classic trail shoes and the retro-sportswear design inspirations of Adidas EQT sneakers. The suede and leather upper keep the design solid and durable while the tonal nylon webbing and mesh material in the tongue allows for comfort and breathability.

The ¾ mid-cut design with an elevated sole was dropped in a $130 price and was well accepted by many sneaker fans wanting something out of the ordinary winter shoe. Equipped with a high grip and chainsaw-like bottom, the durable rubber sole does not easily slip on snowy or wet surfaces and has a well-lined interior to keep the feet warm during the winter.

The Three Stripes brand marketed the shoes for those who love the outdoors even during winters. Inspired by the mix of the sneakers and photography subcultures, the design assures extra stability as the wearer explores the urban jungle to the nearby trails. The leather shoe is a follow-up to the photography-inspired Adidas F/22 sneaker which dropped a few months earlier intended for the Spring/Summer season.

  • Heel pull tab allows for easy on and off.
  • Mesh and nylon material in the tongue allows breathability for the sneakerboot.
  • Lightweight EVA midsole helps provide comfort allowing wearers to walk on these cleats for hours without any complaints.
  • Adidas Originals branding at tongue.

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