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  • The Edge Luxe is created specifically for the foot dimensions of women. It’s comfortable and reliable when it comes to cushioning, coverage, design and surface control. High-quality components and technologies are in place and they make sure to keep the runner in motion in a secure and unrestricted way. It’s nice to look at and great to take on daily runs.
  • The upper unit of this running companion features synthetic materials that are breathable and flexible. They make up a cover system that’s soft and non-irritating to the skin. A woven-cloth look makes it more appealing. Sidewall overlays made of separately added mesh lock the foot in place. A sock-like fit offers next-to-foot comfort.
  • The mid-sole unit makes use of one of the premier Adidas technologies for responsive cushioning, energy return and bounce-back mechanics. It’s touted to be more efficient than the standard foam units that are usually placed in running shoes. It makes each foot landing less taxing to the runner, and each toe-off more explosive.
  • A very durable rubber material is layered beneath the main sole unit. It’s the one that’s exposed to the ground, so it ensures protection from wear and tear. Its high quality nature ensures proper shielding from the abrasive nature of the asphalt. Traction is also part of what this rubber unit is capable of providing to the wearer.

An anti-abrasion rubber compound is used for the outsole unit of the Edge Luxe. Its durable nature ensures that the rest of the sole unit is safe from immediate damage from the roads. It doesn’t peel off easily, so it remains efficient even after many uses.

Flex grooves are placed in the forefoot section. They allow the platform to be more forgiving when it comes to the natural movement of the foot. They are particularly helpful when it comes to forefoot lifts, where the foot bends more.

The BOUNCE™ mid-sole is a cushioning unit that runs the entire length of the Edge Luxe. Made from a springy and flexible material, it provides natural movement to the wearer while also making sure that the platform is able to launch the foot toward the next step more efficiently. It absorbs landing energy, and then transfers it to the runner, keeping each step more enabled and explosive.

Synthetic materials were used to make the soft upper unit. It has a woven-fabric look to it, which makes it appealing to look at. It functions as well as it looks, too, because the fabric is soft and non-irritating to the skin.
A sock-like fit has been put into use. When wearing the shoe, the interior feels like only a sock has been worn. The walls of the shoe feel comfortable and smooth, therefore allowing the runner to wear the Edge Luxe without using actual socks first.

Supportive overlays made of mesh keep the mid-foot locked in place. They connect directly to the lacing system, so they make the fit more customizable.

Wide and skinny shoe laces add more visual flair to the lacing design. They can be interchanged to accommodate functionality, aesthetics and performance. After all, this shoe was created for running, but it’s also great as a casual footwear.


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Bottom 48% road running shoes
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Top 42% Adidas running shoes
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Top 50% neutral running shoes
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