Basketball sneakers that rise well above the ankle to keep sprints and jumps stable and well-supported. You sure can fly high when you have high-top basketball shoes to tie.


Basketball sneakers that rise just up to where the ankles are. Providing support and flexibility so fine, mid-top basketball shoes surely hold the line.


Basketball shoes that leave the ankles exposed for a better range of motion. Be flexible with your blows, get basketball shoes that are low.


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Some basketball shoes embody the athleticism and symbolize the life of certain on-court legends. Hooping will surely be fine when you get kicks from their signature lines.



Hoop shoes that drop the traditional laces in favor of velcro straps for better efficiency. Secure strap basketball shoes, and have them in various hues.


Basketball shoes that stick with the good old laces for that familiar security and lockdown. Get lace-up basketball shoes to tie because they never go out of style.


Basketball shoes with uppers that provide a glove-like fit without the help of any lockdown mechanism. Do nothing but go in with slip-on basketball shoes .

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Some basketball shoes combine the powers of more than one lockdown styles for an improved fit and a much more stable ride. Get more bases covered with these basketball shoes.


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Basketball shoes usually weigh between 300g and 400g for speed and agility. Write your on-court tale with basketball shoes that barely tip the scales.


Shoes best for road, track and light gravel. See the best road shoes.


Shoes best for trail, off road, mountains and other unstable surfaces. See the best trail shoes.

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As long as you stick to the road or path, and if you want just one running shoe, buy a road running shoe.

Neutral / cushion / high arch

Shoes for runners who does not need any additional arch support (Around 50% of runners). Best for people with high or medium high arches. See the best neutral shoes.

Stability / overpronation / normal arch

Shoes for runners who needs arch support (Around 45% of runners). Best for runners with a normal arch. See the best stability shoes.

Motion control / severe overproanation / flat feet

Shoes for runners who needs a lot of arch support. Best for runners with flat feet. See the best motion control shoes.

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- Rule of thumb: If in doubt, buy neutral shoes to avoid injuries.
- More about arch support in this video.
- Find your arch type by following steps from this video.

Daily running

Cushioned shoes for your daily easy running. Great comfort. See best shoes for daily running.


Lightweight shoes good for races, interval training, tempo runs and fartlek. Here are the best competition running shoes.

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If you want just one pair of shoes, buy a shoe for daily running.

The height difference from the heel to the forefoot, also known as heel drop, toe spring, heel to toe spring or simply drop.

There are many opinions about what a good heel drop is. We do not recommend any in particular. Lean more in this video.


We spent 6.3 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what basketball players think:

10 reasons to buy

  • The Dame 4 provides excellent support and containment according to several users.
  • Most testers are impressed by the compression ankle collar, stating it delivers great lockdown while still allowing adequate ankle mobility.
  • A good number of players are satisfied with how the traction performs. They are claiming that dust is not an issue.
  • The mesh upper feels very premium, many comment. It feels great right out of the box and requires little to no break-in time.
  • Many purchasers just absolutely love their Adidas Dame 4. They say it’s really fun to play in and is probably one of the best basketball sneakers of 2017.
  • The fit of these D Lillard basketball shoes is just spot on, a few observe.
  • According to some, the Dame 4 is the best shoe of the series by far.
  • The implementation of the Bounce cushioning must really work since nearly all testers are impressed with it. They say that the cushioning delivers the right amount of impact protection and court feel.
  • For its price, a good number of buyers are saying that the Adidas Dame 4 is the best signature sneaker currently available.
  • Aside from being an excellent on-court performer, these Damian Lillard basketball shoes are also great to wear off the court, some remark.

7 reasons not to buy

  • The Dame 4’s traction takes a while to break-in and is a bit inconsistent, a few players observe.
  • A handful of users complain that these Dame basketball shoes are hard to put on and the laces are hard to tighten.
  • These Adidas basketball shoes run a half size long, some testers notice.
  • A small number of wearers don’t like the Adidas Dame 4’s snug fit.
  • Several testers note that the outsole is soft and pliable like most basketball sneakers’. Outdoor use is not recommended.
  • A handful of purchasers complain that these Lillard shoes are poorly made. They claim that the lace loops easily break.
  • One buyer is not happy because the outsole came off just after a few months.

Bottom line

Adidas and Damian Lillard have consistently put up affordable basketball shoes that do not skimp on quality and performance. With each release, Dame’s signature line continues to become better. The Adidas Dame 4 has premium materials that are supportive, a bootie construction that delivers a glove-like fit, a compression collar that keeps your feet locked in, and a full-length Bounce midsole that provides excellent court feel and adequate impact protection.

For its price of $115, the Dame 4 is hard to beat. Although its traction could have been better, these Damian Lillard basketball shoes have all the other categories in the bag. It offers an excellent overall package that quick guards and even forwards will enjoy.

Arguably one of the best basketball shoes of 2017, the D Lillard 4 is easy on the pocket and beastly on the court.



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93 / 100 based on 24 expert reviews

  • 100 / 100 by Nightwing2303 • Chris Chase • Level 5 expert

    The adidas Dame 3 was my current top pick for 2017 but the Dame 4 just replaced them. It offers very similar performance features but you can feel the evolution between the two after playing in them.

  • 90 / 100 by Hoop And Life • Nelson Chan • Level 5 expert

    This is a really good performance hoop shoe especially for that one hundred fifteen dollar price tag.

  • 100 / 100 by WearTesters • Chris Chase • Level 5 expert

    The adidas Dame 3 was my current top pick for 2017 but the Dame 4 just replaced them. It offers very similar performance features but you can feel the evolution between the two after playing in them.

  • 100 / 100 by WearTesters • Bryan Hinkle • Level 5 expert

    With good cushioning, good fit, and good materials, the Dame 4 is good at everything.

  • 95 / 100 by LiveforBball • Julius Kralikas • Level 5 expert

    Three years in a row we get a $115 superb shoe that constantly sticks to its root while improving some details here and there. That’s a shoe line you can trust and the Dame 4 is absolutely a great deal.

  • 90 / 100 by Basketball Diagnostics • Daumantas Rimkus • Level 5 expert

    Just another phenomenal year for the Dame line, finding the ways to improve every single aspect of the shoe upon everything has been done in the past. Although this is only the fourth generation of this line but for now, this is the most stable & most improving signature line for adidas, in my opinion.

  • 87 / 100 by Richee Kim • Richee Kim • Level 5 expert

    If you guys have a guard play style like me, I think these shoes are really, really good. Like this is a bang-for-your-buck shoe hands down.

  • 85 / 100 by The Sole Brothers • Don Fontaine and Sammy Lee • Level 5 expert

    Overall, recommended but with a few asterisks. Of course, being most of the traction.

  • 80 / 100 by Schwollo • Schwollo • Level 5 expert

    I really really really enjoy playing in this shoe but only on clean courts and slightly dusty floors only.. or when it’s humid…or when it’s just pick up and I just want the exercise.

  • 100 / 100 by WearTesters • Stanley Tse • Level 4 expert

    The Dame 4 is Lillard’s latest signature shoe and things just keep getting better. This is absolutely one of the best bang for your buck shoes on the market.

  • 100 / 100 by AnotherPair • Nate Levell Greer • Level 4 expert

    The Dame 4 is a blast to play in. I was having so much fun in this kick I didn’t want to stop. If there was a category for “fun to play in” I would rate the Dame 4 Hall of Fame!

  • 95 / 100 by Jahronmon • Jarron Ramos • Level 4 expert

    The Dame 4 is an absolute banger on the court.

  • 91 / 100 by BBallEquips • BBallEquips • Level 4 expert

    However I felt that this shoe is still behind the times.

  • 100 / 100 by WearTesters • Nate Levell Greer • Level 3 expert

    The Dame 4 is a blast to play in. I was having so much fun in this kick I didn’t want to stop. If there was a category for “fun to play in” I would rate the Dame 4 Hall of Fame!

  • 90 / 100 by NewJordans2018 • Justin Vargas • Level 3 expert

    Overall ,There’s no other midsole ever made that compares to it’s comfort. I love the Dame 4 with the comfortable material and best cushioning .

  • 95 / 100 by PureKicks • Flo Damptey • Level 2 expert

    My overall thoughts is that this shoe is an underrated performer. It is a brilliant basketball shoe for guards.

  • 95 / 100 by KickGenius • J Jones • Level 2 expert

    I must say this is probably the top hoop shoe to hoop in right now in my opinion.

  • 95 / 100 by ShadeSnSoles • Dizo • Level 2 expert

    This is the one for me.

  • 90 / 100 by AminoApps • AndrewH30 • Level 2 expert

    Overall, I think the Dame 4 is the best Dame shoe they've ever made.

  • 95 / 100 by OneonOneTesters • MTMHOOPS • Level 1 expert

    There’s really nothing wrong to talk about these sneakers.

  • 95 / 100 by OneonOneTesters • OneonOneTesters • Level 1 expert

    I had no noticable complaints about this shoe.

  • 90 / 100 by KicksHeat • KicksHeat • Level 1 expert

    I keep saying it, but this is a budget basketball shoe that performs in equivalence with more expensive sneakers.

  • 85 / 100 by NikeTalk • wtfarabbit • Level 1 expert

    In the Dame 4s you are really low to the ground, responsive, and backed with great cushion, but because Adidas opted for a gimmick traction pattern, the shoe flopped performance wise.

  • 80 / 100 by Lot Channel • Lot Channel • Level 1 expert

    Overall, I would say that it gets a four out of five stars because the midsole is great that feels super low to the ground without sacrificing much impact protection.

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Profile of Adidas Dame 4

The Dame 4 might just be Lillard's best Adidas basketball sneaker yet. It features a breathable textile upper, full-length Bounce midsole, and an evolved traction pattern to keep him one step ahead of his competition.

One of the league’s best offensive players, Damian Lillard has quickly ascended the NBA ranks and evolved into the king of the clutch. For his fourth signature sneaker, Lillard is all set to let us all know what time it is—Dame Time!


Cushion. Like the Adidas Dame 3, Bounce cushioning is also used on the Adidas Dame 4. However, Lillard requested for the midsole tooling to be reworked. “If BOOST didn’t exist, BOUNCE would be the greatest cushioning technology in the market, in terms of energy return and responsiveness,” says lead designer Jesse Rademacher.

Jesse Rademacher continues, “We really feel that BOUNCE is best for him and he really agrees. Going from the [Dame] 3 into the [Dame] 4, we changed up the BOUNCE setup. We really wanted to amplify all the benefits of BOUNCE. BOUNCE is really meant for Dame’s style of play. With those extreme angles and unpredictability, BOUNCE actually provides Dame with that cushioning setup he’s looking for.”

The shock absorbing quality of the Bounce cushioning offers ultimate court feel while also providing enhanced flexibility and comfort, allowing Lillard to take control of the court with his quick movements.

Traction. The Adidas D Lillard 4 has a rubber outsole with an evolved traction pattern that is inspired by the passage of time. Jesse Rademacher explains that the wavy tread pattern has a specific flow to it. “With Dame and any great athlete, you’re always trying to get into a flow state. That’s where time slows down. Your focus is extremely sharp. The flow and the movement of the outsole pattern is derived by Dame’s movements and his attacking style. It changes direction where Dame needs the change of direction. These lug patterns are actually split and divided based on that type of mentality. It allows greater deflection of the lug. To get the best grip possible, you want the lugs to actually deflect before they slip. If they don’t deflect, then they’re going to have grip for a moment but then they’re going to slip.”


Length and Width. As with the Adidas D Lillard 2 and the Dame 3, wide-footers are advised to stay true to their size when ordering the Adidas Dame 4. Narrow and regular footers are urged to go down half a size to get a snug fit.

Lockdown. With an all-new lacing system, the Adidas D Lillard 4 enables users to customize the fit according to their preference.

The Dame 4’s unique lacing system features reinforced lace cables that deliver supportive lockdown while its mid-top design heightens ankle support.


The Adidas Dame 4 has a lightweight textile upper for breathable comfort and flexible support on the hardwood. The upper features a bootie construction lined with comfortable textile for a snug one-to-one fit.

A Neoprene compression collar works seamlessly with the inner-bootie to totally encapsulate the foot, enhancing the overall comfort and fit.


With key performance and aesthetic updates, the Adidas D Lillard 4 keeps you looking and feeling great on and off the court. Its breathable mesh upper is lined with numbers that represent significant moments in Lillard’s life, and on the heel a message that reads YKWTII (You Know What Time It Is) is written.

Recognizing Dame D.O.L.L.A.’s musical genius, the Bounce midsole also have teeth-like grooves that are meant to imitate audio files he produces in the recording studio.

Special Colorways of the Adidas Dame 4

The fourth D Lillard basketball shoes are released in numerous colorways. The following are some of the most popular:

  • Black-Scarlet-Black ‘Dame Time’
  • Black/Red
  • Core Black/Cloud White/Core Black ‘Static’
  • Core Black/Cloud White/Grey
  • Core Black/Footwear White-Grey Five ‘Tribal Print’
  • Cloud White/Crystal White-Core Black ‘Stats’
  • Cloud White/Grey/Scarlet ‘Rose City’
  • Grey/Core Black/Grey
  • Onix/Cloud White/Onix
  • Scarlet/High-Resolution Red-Black ‘Red Gum’
  • White/Black-Red ‘Rip City’
  • White/White-White ‘Un-Dyed’

Adidas Dame 4 BAPE

In collaboration with Japanese streetwear brand BAPE, Damian Lillard and Adidas release the most hyped basketball sneaker they have ever created.

Lillard has been a long time admirer of the famous Japanese brand. His fondest memories of BAPE were made during the peak of rapper Lil Wayne’s career. "I just remember him having on all of these wild colors, and that was when it became hot to me," Lillard says. "Also, when he had on all the Bape on the cover [of Vibe], he kind of set that trend for hip-hop fans and inner city people."

This limited-edition Dame 4 collection uses classic prints that BAPE fans have come to love. Dressed in red, green, and black hues, the Adidas Dame 4 BAPE sneakers are tricked out with BAPE’s famed shark teeth design printed on the midsole, duck camo blanketing the upper, and signature WGM (World Gone Mad) phrase styled in varsity jacket letters.

Retailing for $150, these unique Adidas basketball shoes are slated released on Feb 16, 2018 in Los Angeles’s very own 747 Warehouse St.

Adidas Dame 4 Black History Month

To celebrate Black History Month, Adidas and Lillard dropped a new colorway of the Dame 4.

The Dame 4 BHM’s upper is covered with a white graphic that pays homage to the Savoy Ballroom and the Apollo Theater, which are two of the iconic landmarks during the Harlem Renaissance. Completing the design is the Roman numeral MCMLI printed along the heel.

Adidas Dame 4 Camp Shoes

Adidas greets Damian Lillard’s annual basketball camp with the release of a special edition colorway of the Dame 4. These camp-themed basketball shoes are dressed in core black, high-resolution blue, and high-resolution green.

Upon closer inspection, the multicolored upper features a unique graphic that displays notebooks, basketballs, and clocks.

Adidas Dame 4 ‘Glow in the Park’

This skate-park-themed basketball shoe is a nod to Lillard’s love for skating. “When I was younger, we were skating all the time. There were always skates at my grandmother’s house and we’d do that at home,” Lillard explains in an interview. “When I got to high school, every Saturday we’d drive to the skating rink and we’d be there all night skating. Every weekend that’s how it was. Everybody skated. We put a lot of time in working on our game. But when you think about it, this is the one life you get to live. You’ve got to find other things that interest you. That’s why I do music and that’s why I skate. Because you got to let your mind go other places, create that balance and enjoy it. Skating and rapping is that for me.”

The Adidas Dame 4 ‘Glow in the Park’ adopts classic elements found in his favorite skating rink in Oakland. These Dame sneakers feature a dark grey upper with burgundy and neon blue accents. A glow-in-the-dark outsole completes the shoe’s silhouette.

Adidas Dame 4 ‘Start to Finish’

Dubbed ‘Start to Finish’, this colorway of the Adidas Dame 4 pays tribute to a promise Lillard made to his mother. “My proudest moment is when he graduated college. I wouldn’t allow Damian to go to the NBA early until he finished school,” his mother Gina said. “When they talked me into letting him go months before he was done with school, all I could tell him was ‘You need to make sure you finish. I’m not playing.’ I didn’t even know he was going to back to school and when he told me he graduated, I was so happy because that was the main goal in everything I did for [my kids].”

These all-white basketball sneakers are finished off with grey and purple detailing as a nod to his career at Weber State. Completing the theme are the numbers “25.6.4” that commemorate his final year at the university before garnering national attention.

Adidas Dame 4 ‘CNY’

To celebrate the Year of the Dog, Adidas launched their Chinese New Year collection that includes a pink-tinged Dame with a multicolored outsole. Famed designer Renzhe Ren helped craft the collection.