Budget-friendly Adidas Daily 3.0

Adidas Daily 3.0 is ideal for budget-conscious individuals who need basic kicks to wear every day. It's among the cheapest Adidas sneakers with a style that’s wearable with strings of casual and sporty wear.

While its design was taken from basketball kicks, Daily 3.0 has become popular among skaters like the Adidas Adiease and Matchcourt. If you’re looking for more skate-specific designs, check out these choices

What's new in Daily 3.0

  • If the Daily 2.0 shoes are covered in denim fabric, Daily 3.0s are wrapped in breathable canvas.
  • Some of the variations feature a translucent rubber bottom that offers the right amount of grip.

What are its limitations?

  • It isn’t available in wide widths.
  • Not among the most durable ones. Check out Adidas Skateboarding for more minimalist but hard-wearing kicks. 

Other Adidas sneakers with the same range as Daily 2.0

  • Seeley is chic, skate-worthy, and remarkably grippy (some colors come with gum soles).
  • 3MC is a skate-equipped kick that’s available in multiple colorways.


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