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5 reasons to buy

  • A lot of owners laud the comfort provided by the Adidas CrazyFlight X 3.
  • Tons of players recommend using this pair of volleyball shoes because of how grippy the outsole is on indoor courts.
  • The Boost cushioning impresses loads of athletes because they can play for hours without experiencing foot or knee pains.
  • The plush collar secures and supports the ankle, says many reviewers.
  • The pristine whiteness of this volleyball trainer appeals to many users because it pairs well with any uniform.

1 reasons not to buy

  • A few commenters doubt the shoe's durability because the top material feels flimsy.

Bottom line

The CrazyFlight X 3 features Adidas’ Boost midsole technology. It provides users with both shock attenuation and responsive cushioning, to help players keep moving on the court. The layer is also bouncy, which aids in softening landings to reduce the chances of injuries. The gum outsole is sticky on the court so players can move swiftly around slipping. Overall, this model of Adidas volleyball shoe comes highly recommended for comfort, style, and performance.

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Good to know

This model hails from Adidas’ CrazyFlight line, which features volleyball shoes that aim to help athletes take off from the ground with minimal effort. The proprietary midsole technology is very responsive to impact, while the grippy outsole rubber allows players to move and change directions quickly without a hitch. On top of that, the breathable upper ensures a comfortable playing experience.

Some people may enjoy the springier midsole of the CrazyFlight X 3, but if you prefer more stability, check out the CrazyFlight Bounce 3 from Adidas. They share the same silhouette, but instead of Boost, the CrazyFlight Bounce 3 uses the Bounce technology for cushioning.

Based on physical appearance alone, it’s tough to tell the CrazyFlight X 3 from the CrazyFlight X 2. They use the same technologies for the outsole and the midsole, but differences lie in the construction of the upper. First off, the CrazyFlight X 3 replaces the close-knit textile with an open-cell breathable mesh. Secondly, the newer iteration features smoother transitions between the upper materials.

Traction. Like most Adidas volleyball shoes, a layer of gum rubber protects the midsole against abrasion. This compound is sticky because of the higher natural rubber content. It is soft, allowing it to spread out and better grip the surface. It is also non-marking, making it suitable for use on polished indoor floors. At the forefoot, a pivot disc-like structure prevents knee injuries during quick twists or turns.

Stability. The outsole of the Adidas CrazyFlight X 3 has a groove that separates the forefoot from the heel. This element promotes natural flexibility. Meanwhile, the middle portion and the heel are constructed to lay flat on the floor. This design prevents excessive twisting and keeps the rearfoot stable.

Rebound. The cushioning technology used in the CrazyFlight X 3 is the Boost. This foam is made up of fused energy capsules that are very responsive. The stronger the impact, the springier it is. It turns the force of impact from foot landings into energy to propel the foot forward.

Stance. The midsole is constructed to be slightly higher compared to the forefoot. It puts the weight of the player more to the front, allowing them to move quickly when needed.

Comfort. Wrapping the foot in a protective cover is a mesh fabric. This material is soft, which contributes to the overall flexibility of the footwear. It is also breathable, allowing heat dissipation and fresh air to cool the foot chamber. A smooth fabric lines the interior of the footgear. It helps with moisture and temperature management.

Foothold. Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) overlays are placed on the forefoot and some parts of the quarters. Not only do they protect the mesh against abrasion, but they also help with foot containment and support. At the back, the molded S-shaped heel counter keeps the hindfoot steady. It also prevents accidental heel slippage.

Fit. A dynamic lacing system adorns the midfoot of the Adidas CrazyFlight X. It features two sets of eyelets on each side. It helps establish a customized fit for every individual. The collar is lightly padded, helping secure the heel.

  • For those looking for more ankle support, the CrazyFlight X 3 also comes in a mid-top version.
  • If you’re environmentally conscious, you’d be happy to know that there’s a Parley iteration of this model. Adidas collaborated with Parley A.I.R. Strategy to turn ocean plastic into thread used in some of the brand’s shoes.

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This shoe: $130
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