Our verdict


The Adidas Crazy 1 was a basketball classic that just got a new release as a sneaker. Ballers who have been playing in the late 90s love the aesthetic, materials, and support of this shoe. Younger users though think that the shoe is too bulky. However, this pair still features effective traction and comfortable cushioning—enough to perform well on the court.


  • Great traction
  • Comfortable out of the box
  • Memorable, classic shoe
  • Good for casual wear
  • Padded, secure lockdown
  • Stays clean
  • Can easily remove dirt


  • Not aesthetically pleasing silhouette
  • Poor upper ventilation
  • Upper creases fast

Who should buy the Adidas Crazy 1

Adidas Crazy 1 was Kobe’s first signature shoe, and it was called the “Kobe 1” back in the 2000s. The shoe’s look is deemed very futuristic, and it earns the attention of the public for its unique shape. You'd go crazy for this if:

  • You're a massive Kobe Bryant fan and would want to get a pair of its first-ever signature shoe. It's a 90's aesthetic classic pair
  • You're looking for both a performance shoe and a casual shoe in one. This pair has a unique futuristic design

Adidas Crazy 1 logo

Responsive midsole of Adidas Crazy 1

Older versions of the Adidas Crazy 1 used Adiprene to provide cushion. The recent releases now use an EVA midsole. This cushion gives adequate padding while remaining firm for a responsive bounce-back.

Adidas Crazy 1 midsole

Adidas Crazy 1's reliable outsole engineering

The shoe’s outsole features a non-marking, full-length herringbone pattern; providing that reliable traction on the court. Since it’s made of thick rubber, the works outdoors as well as it does indoors.

Adidas Crazy 1 outsole

For other colorways, however, translucent outsoles are being used and it is best to limit them to indoor use.

Solid, secure lacing system

Rather than being mainly dependent on the shoe’s lacing system, Adidas Crazy 1’s lockdown power is attributed to its heavily padded upper and double foam collar, making sure that the wearer’s foot will stay in place within the shoe during use.

Adidas Crazy 1 laces

The padded collar along with the stiff heel counter gives ankle support. While the Adidas Torsion System found in the midfoot, also add to the arch support to the foot.

Adidas Crazy 1 collar

Crazy 1's an impressive construction

The shoe’s material varies with every release. But most of the colorways feature a semi-stiff vinyl-type synthetic upper that covers the thickly padded insides of the shoe.

Adidas Crazy 1 padding

Additionally, the shoe’s insides are lined with mesh fabric. The midsole is solely made out of injected EVA cushioning.

Adidas Crazy 1 midsole back

For the heel counter and the Adidas Torsion System, a sturdy plastic is used to give that needed foot support.

Adidas Crazy 1 heel counter

Unique style and design of Crazy 1

The Adidas Crazy 1’s has had more than 10 colorways since its release in 2000. Popularly, many refer to it as the “space cleats”. Its unique physical appearance, however, was actually inspired by the German automobile, the Audi TT Roadster.

Adidas Crazy 1 front toe

On the sides of the shoe, the signature Adidas stripes are embossed; complementing the clean lines of the silhouette.

Adidas Crazy 1 logo adidas

On the tongue of the shoe, is an Adidas callout and logo. The shoe is great for casual wear as its clean colors are easy to pair clothes with.

Adidas Crazy 1 tongue