Profile of the Adidas CP Traxion BOA

Who is it for? Both newbies and experts can appreciate tackling the challenges of golf in comfort with the CP Traxion BOA.

What are the benefits? This trainer is offering several advantages:

  • An advanced lacing system called the BOA delivers a quick-lacing feature. 
  • The outsole combines different technologies to achieve maximum turf hold and balance. 
  • The cushioning system boasts a bouncy feel for comfort and impact protection on every step and swing. 


Sleek six. The outsole of the CP Traxion BOA manifests six spikes to garner incredible traction no matter what the surface condition is. It is seated on a tennis-originated technology called Adiwear to ensure that the base is durable. 

Second to none traction. Filling in the gaps of each spike are deep flex grooves and secondary lugs called X-Traxion. It bears a design that is aimed for grip on different directions without pressuring or stressing the foot. 


Feel the bounce. The middle of the shoe is placed with a Bounce cushioning midsole. Those who are confused with Boost and Bounce can describe the latter as the firmer version of the former. Like its name, this type of foam provides the bounciness on the course, along with impact protection and added comfort. 


Resist the water. Sealing the majority of this item is a microfiber leather upper. Aside from being an eco-friendly alternative to leather, this type of material is known for its water-resisting properties. It is also given the Climastorm treatment, making it water-repellent yet breathable. 

Appeal of the dial. One of the unique features that are embedded in this CP Traxion shoe is the L6 Boa Fit System. Aside from eliminating the hassle of laces, it gives the luxury of the convenience of fastening by simply turning the dial. 

The game lies in the shape. Form is essential not only in golf but also in its shoe. It has a wide forefoot shape to have the extra room and additional midfoot and heel support. 

Adidas CP Traxion BOA Style

For a product with relentless features, the looks of the CP Traxion BOA is rather simplistic. The microfiber leather gives it flair on the course. The Three Stripes on the sides serve as the only identifier and keeps the rest of the elements well-blended and minimal. At the same time, the rest of the shoe, including the BOA dial, blends subtly with the overall silhouette.


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