Top: Low
Surface: Indoor
Collection: Adidas Copa, Adidas Tango
Lacing System: Laced
Price: $70
Brand: Adidas
Colorways: Red
Small True to size Large
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A popular pick

  • The calf leather vamp construction in the Copa Tango 18.3 IN maintains the similar softness and lightness from its Kangaroo-leather predecessor, the Copa Tango 17.3 IN. Cow leather has been known to provide a balance of durability and barefoot sensation, in addition to its water-resistant characteristic.
  • The forefoot area of Copa tango 18.3 IN is designed with Control embossed lines similar to the high-end version Copa Tango 18.1. The textured lines are meant to keep the ball glued to the feet.
  • To keep the classic Copa feel, the indoor soccer cleat is designed with a fold-over tongue that covers a portion of the laces for cleaner strikes.
  • The EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) serves as the midfoot cushioning for the Copa Tango 18.3. It is an eco-friendly polymer material proven to be resistant to cracks and offers excellent shock absorption in every stride.
  • The Copa Tango 18.3 Indoor has a traditional lace-up enclosure positioned in the center.
  • The outsole of the soccer cleat is a non-marking rubber designed for indoor courts which resembles a bit much like the outsole of the Adidas Samba Classic.

The indoor soccer cleat is available in men’s version only and in standard sizes. It provides true-to-size measurements. The cow leather upper produces an adaptive support for any width that may require some break-in time to achieve the best fit. Additionally, the lace-up enclosure with a fold-over tongue helps in creating a more personalized comfort for the indoor soccer shoes.

An abrasion-resistant rubber makes up the outsole of the Copa Tango 18.3 Indoor. The non-marking outsole is built to provide traction for indoor court surfaces. Grip for flat surfaces is guaranteed through the multi-directional grooves designed in the outsole.

The midsole cushioning made from EVA offers a soft underfoot sensation that is engineered for excellent shock absorption. The EVA cushioning delivers durable and stress-crack resistant quality to the indoor shoe.

The indoor variation of the Copa Tango 18.3 IN is constructed with a cow leather vamp known to provide soft yet durable sensation. Textured lines follow the shape of the forefoot to enhance ball control. It is called the Adidas Control embossing feature.

A central lacing system with a fold-over tongue encloses the cleat to allow a more personalized fit.

Foam is integrated to the heel counter for protection against unwanted blisters.

  • The Copa Tango 18.3 IN has a turf variation.
  • It is available in Core Black- Running White and Running White-Black-Tactile Gold Metallic colorways.